Speak Up on Capping Oil and Gas Pollution

Right now, we have one of our best chances to lower GHG emissions.

Canada’s biggest source of climate pollution comes from emissions from the oil and gas industry. The best way to cut those emissions is through federal regulation, because the industry itself is not taking the issue seriously enough and not acting urgently enough.

Here's 12-year-old Marion explaining why parents need to take this opportunity to push for strong regulations:

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We have national targets and a path to net-zero emissions, set out in the Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act passed in 2021. The federal government has been drafting regulations to "cap" oil and gas emissions to meet those targets and are expected to release the regulations in September 2023.

But they're getting ongoing, constant pressure from the oil and gas industry to make the regulations and the timeline as weak as possible, saying that strong regulations will cause issues for the industry and for Canada's economy. 

Parents say that emissions and pollution from oil and gas need to be cut now, for the health and safety of our kids and future generations. The oil and gas industry has realized record profits over the past year and the capacity exists to shape and implement a swift, equitable transition to renewable energy. It's the only way Canada can remain competitive in a global shift away from fossil fuels. It's the only way forward for our kids, communities, and for the economy. 

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