Action Suggestions

Do you have a suggestion for an action the For Our Kids network could take on? It could be for our network newsletter to parents and families across the country. Or a general team action idea or tactic that brings together a group. We'd like to hear from you! 

Suggestions should:

  • concern systemic change more than individual lifestyle changes

  • be relevant to anyone across the country

  • lend itself both to an action by an individual and an action by a group of people, and bonus points if it can include kids of different ages 

  • have a low-barrier action (easy and quick to take) as well as options for bigger commitments

Extra bonus points for actions that are engaging, fun, timely and leverage the power of parents and grandparents. 

For Our Kids is committed to supporting and amplifying climate justice - including racial, economic, gender and disability justice. Please include these issues in your suggestions!

You can make a suggestion using the form below, or just email us at [email protected]

Thanks for your suggestions!

Global Mother's Rebellion

Natalie Caine