Accountable Earth Day

Let's face it, many of us have come to take Earth Day for granted, perhaps just as we do with the Earth itself. It passes each year with a few stories in the newspaper about planting trees, and then...back to business as usual.

But business as usual is destroying the very things we need to survive. WE'VE NEVER NEEDED SO MUCH TO NOT TAKE THE EARTH FOR GRANTED! We humans are in deep trouble because our current practices are undermining the conditions that make our civilization possible, whether from carbon emissions or loss of biodiversity.

So this year we're calling for an Accountable Earth Day. Let's use this moment to hold at least one decision maker accountable for following through on promises to do better. If we all do that, just like in the spirit of the first Earth Day when millions of people participated, our world will change for the better. Our kids deserve no less.


Here are three ideas for action:

1) Hold a decision maker accountable. Identify someone in your world - your mayor, your provincial representative, your MP, or even your bank manager - and get in touch with them to ask them to follow through on their green promises (since they all make them!). Be as specific as you can, which may need a little research first.

If you want an easy action to take on this front, here is a petition to the federal government asking them to strengthen Bill C-12, climate accountability legislation which was introduced in September but still has holes we need fixed.

2) Involve your kids. Earth Day is supposed to be a bit of a celebration too and by all means join in with things like (COVID-19 safe) tree plantings. The voices of kids are powerful too so you can help them speak on behalf of their future. Help them write a letter to a decision maker or perhaps they could send that decision maker some of their awesome art work. Remind people in power what is really at stake. Here is an easy template for a colouring project they can do, before sending it off.

3) Tell the story. As always, you are more powerful when you tell your story so that others can be inspired. Whatever you do on Accountable Earth Day, capture it somehow in a picture or video and share that online. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and we'll amplify. And, if you want to go one step further, tell your story in a short letter to your local newspaper (which you could do with your kids - they'd love to see their name in print!). Find tips here.

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