Network Support For Your Team

Why should your team of parents or grandparents join the For Our Kids network?

For Our Kids is a network of parents and grandparents working on the climate crisis in teams or groups across Canada. Your local group or team may take on something bite-sized in your backyard, but we are stronger when we network our efforts together so that collectively we take more on and support one another. We want to build a powerful movement of parents and grandparents taking action and speaking from a place of love and fierce protection of our kids and grandkids.

Local teams and groups are the heart of the network and team or group leaders like yourself make those possible. The network is set up to support you in what you do – please feel free to ask for assistance with whatever you need. Here are some things the network can offer you:

  • Personal coaching via email, phone, or video call (and sometimes in person depending on where you are)
  • Regular video calls with other team/group leaders so you can meet one another and share stories, advice, and strategy
  • Occasional trainings on organizing, social media, etc.
  • Small grants to help you cover hard costs for your activities
  • Access to a video conferencing account for your use
  • Use of our Nationbuilder platform for web pages, sign ups, and petitions
  • Amplification of your work through our social channels

Local groups or teams are free to choose what they want to work on. There may be something quite local you want to take on, or sometimes you may want to opt into something more regional, provincial, or national that the network is taking on.

Your local group or team can be a member of the network if:

  1. You have a core group of at least 3-4 people giving time consistently and a broader group participating periodically
  2. You frame your work as acting as parents or grandparents on the climate crisis

There is also an internal Facebook group for team or group leaders to support one another - ask us for access.