Tell TD we want change now

Dear Nicole Vadori, Head of Environment,

We are TD customers, and we are increasingly frustrated with TD’s record on climate.  

TD is currently the 10th largest fossil fuel funder in the world, and has financed over $173 billion in oil and gas projects since the Paris Agreement. TD is also a major financier of the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline and the Trans Mountain Pipeline, both of which are being constructed on Indigenous territories without free, prior and informed consent.

We want a secure and responsible way to save money for our futures. Unfortunately, TD is jeopardizing that future by continuing to finance the fossil fuel industry. 

We want to see change now. If TD does not take major steps to stop financing fossil fuels, we will find a financial institution more aligned with our values and our kids' well-being.


Your customers


Will you sign?

On April 8th, For Our Kids is meeting with executives at TD to ask them about their massive financing for the fossil fuel industry.  

We know that many families across the country bank with TD, and feel frustrated by its poor climate policies and lack of accountability.

We want to bring your perspective to this meeting and show TD that their customers want to see change.

Sign our petition and share a comment to express your feelings as a TD customer! This is a great opportunity to show TD that Canadians are paying attention and will not stand for business as usual. 



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