Support Local Youth Climate Organizing

Many parents have been inspired to get involved on climate change by the action that their kids are already taking.

Swedish teen Greta Thunberg sparked a world-wide movement of climate strikes that includes tens of thousands of Canadian youth.

Part of the reason For Our Kids was born is that our kids shouldn't shoulder this alone.

Canadian youth continue to organize on climate change, and your team may decide to support that work locally. A good resource to check on the location of youth organizing is with Climate Strike Canada. (Photo credit to them).

Here are some tips for supporting youth organizing:

1) Let youth lead. We adults have a tendency to step in because we think we know better. But, this is their movement for them to lead. That means stepping back to so that youth leaders can make their own decisions, and offering any advice in the form of suggestions. Importantly, let youth be their own spokespeople.

2) Offer logistical support. Youth usually lack things like credit cards and the ability to sign permits or contracts on logistical matters. So, offer to step in on this kind of stuff.

3) Encourage and amplify. Youth are literally fighting for their future. This is hard stuff. So, give encouragement and emotional support. Also amplify youth communications through your own channels - share their stuff and give them validation in public.