Social Media 101

Depending on your goals and the capacity in your team, your team could decide to use different social media platforms. Each have different strengths and purposes, and tend to have different pros/cons for activism or organizing.

Here's a quick overview, but you can also read more here in this guide from Future Ground Network (thank you David Suzuki Foundation!): 

  • Facebook groups (which can be public or private) allow those subscribed to the group to have discussions, share links/news and interact through comments and private messaging. This can add multi-way communication which can supplement your Nation Builder email list (which is more of a one-way communication). If you do want a Facebook group, we ask you to make Natalie an admin so that she can link your group to the For Our Kids national page, so it will show up in the listings here
  • Facebook pages: they let you post as your group (rather than your personal profile). Rather than joining a FB group, people need to "like your page", which does mean it's a bit more limited by alogrithims (FB wants you to pay to boost your posts so more people see it). We advice to start with a Facebook group and if needed, add a Facebook page. 
  • Instagram: it's a great platform for building general awareness and sharing visual content. It's not as user friendly for getting people to click on calls to action, articles or other links. You can use LinkTree to set up a listing of links to visit (you'll see posts say "Link in Bio" that often takes you to a Link Tree menu  - check out the For Our Kids national Link Tree as an example). but not so great for getting people to click on action links or articles. Talk to Natalie about options! 
  • Twitter: Twitter is great for publicly commenting on things, engaging with public figures or powerholders, communicating with politicians and media. But in order to be effective, you need to put a lot of effort into posting a lot and gaining followers. For Our Kids national has a Twitter account that you could use if you need one for a certai action/tactic, or you want to use Twitter to direct message or tweet at a public figure.
  • TikTok: great platform for creating video content and engaging a youth demographic.
Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.