Sitting with Climate Anxiety and Grief for Parents

This event has already taken place.

July 16, 10:30 am - 12:00 noon

Greenboro Community Centre Park, Ottawa

For our Kids Ottawa/Gatineau invites parents, grandparents and guardians to join us for our this session on Climate Anxiety.

Sitting with Climate Anxiety & Grief for Parents

From Acknowledgement to Action

Greenboro Community Centre Park

363 Lorry Greenberg Dr*
(*We will meet under the trees beside the wading pool behind the Community Centre)

We know that the wiidfires and air quality warnings are making climate change more apparent in our lives and the lives of our children. We invite you to share with us. The session will be facilitated by two FOK parents who are also counsellors.

Children are welcome to come, but due to the sensitive nature of the topic, we are looking other parents/older children to help us entertain/corral the children :-) so the parents are free to sit with their feelings and be more fully present in the discussion.

We have chosen the Park behind the Greenboro Community Centre as our location because  there is access to A/C and washrooms inside the community centre and two play structures with sand for the children to play. 

Please RSVP!

Families are encouraged to bring snacks and/or pack a lunch so that you can stay after the session to chat with other like-minded parents if you wish.