Pitching and Placing

This event has already taken place.

What's pitching and placing? 

Basically, getting the media’s attention so that your voice gets heard! This practical workshop will cover:

  • messaging

  • timeliness

  • engaging with reporters and/or editors

  • crafting focused arguments that are relevant to the audience, and

  • strategic placement

Registration is limited to 20 people, to allow for hands-on exercises and discussion. Please discuss with your teams and find 1-2 people who would be interested and available to participate. The registration link is below.

Workshop leaders

Naomi Carniol, Springboard Communications Inc. who recently assisted with the Jan. 29 collective day of action.

Jennifer Moreau, who you know and love as the founder of Babies for Climate Action New Westminster, and who will share her experience and insight from her time as a reporter.