Ontario election 2022

Every election is important but it's safe to say that every election between now and 2030 is an enormous opportunity to set Canada firmly on the path to a healthier future. 

Ontario's provincial election will be held on June 2. The most important thing you can do as parents, grandparents, and guardians of the kids who will live with the consequences of our actions is to speak up!

What are the issues that touch closest to home for you? 

  • Is there a natural habitat near you that's threatened by highway construction or sprawling development?
  • Agricultural land you want to see safeguarded so local food producers can survive and communities can be less susceptible to food chain system disruptions?
  • Are you worried about yourself, family or friends missing out on employment opportunities in the clean energy, industry and construction sector? 
  • Is your family experiencing chronic health issues exacerbated by pollution, extreme heat, lack of options for an active lifestyle, or other environmental factors?
  • Do you want more resources and strategies for neighbourhoods suffering the most from extreme heat events, flooding, wildfires, or other disasters?
  • Are you concerned about affordable housing and thriving, active communities?
  • Most of all, what does the world you want your kids growing up in look like? 

These are the issues to raise with candidates during the campaign. Most of all, tell them you are speaking for your kids, who can't yet vote but whose physical and mental health and well-being is already being impacted because so far, elected representatives have not acted with the urgency and vision needed to change the path we're on. 

Here is information about how to find your candidates, along with some suggested questions you can use or adapt to make your own

And here are more campaigns and actions you might be interested in: