Activity: Green Hearts for Mother's Day

***Special Mother's Day event Friday, May 8: Don't miss it! RSVP here: ***


In some ways, Mother's Day 2020 will look very different from what we're used to. One thing that hasn't changed, though, is the love mothers have for their children. It's a love that can see the beauty in burnt toast, spilled coffee and soggy pancakes for breakfast on Mother's Day, and it's a love that empowers mothers to do anything to give their children a better future. 

This Mother's Day, as the world looks for insight and direction, mothers have a chance to tell elected representatives and decision-makers how to shape that future. We can stand in solidarity - although physically apart - with mothers on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis and mothers facing daily challenges caring for their children through uncertainty and isolation. We can use our Mom voices to send a message directly to our federal Members of Parliament (MPs) and call on them to act on behalf of all children. 

Think about the message you most want to share with the federal government about climate change. Right now, decisions are being made about how to direct billions of dollars so that Canadians can endure and recover from the impact of COVID-19 - and those decisions could either ensure a #GreenRecovery or bring us back to the destructive path we were on before the pandemic.

How can you let your MP know how you want them to direct those funds? 

Three simple steps:

1. Write your message on two green paper hearts. (There's a quick video below on how to make the hearts.) You can include your name and the name of the child or children on whose behalf you are writing, if you wish. This is your heart and it should reflect you.

2. Send one heart to your MP's local office (you can find contact information here). If you want to deliver it in person and can do so safely while maintaining physical distancing requirements, great! 

3. Post the other heart as a visual sign of your hope and commitment to a better future for all kids. Share a picture on social media if you like: tag @forourkidscanada on FB and use #greenmothersday and #greenrecovery. Invite your friends to do the same.