Learning Together with Chelsea Vowel and Clayton Thomas-Müller

In March 2023, parents, grandparents, and caregivers across the country came together online to listen to authors and activists Chelsea Vowel and Clayton Thomas-Müller in conversation with moderator Michelle Cyca on climate justice, Indigenous rights and parenthood. The conversation is available here.

There were a lot of important lessons and ideas shared, and there’s so much to reflect on. We’re grateful to Michelle, Chelsea, and Clayton for sharing their knowledge and guidance so generously.   







“Listen. Believe. Support.” These words from Chelsea resonated deeply with us as a call to action for parents seeking to build relationships with and follow the lead of Indigenous communities fighting for Indigenous rights and climate justice. 

Next steps

Chelsea and Clayton mentioned a number of great writers, particularly for kids books. Here are a few: Tasha Spillet, Jenny Dupuis, Julie Flett and The Legends of Nanabush series. The Yellowhead Institute was also recommended as a good place for adult learning and reading. 

If this conversation has inspired you to find out more, you can also read our suggestions for next steps in your family’s decolonization journey here


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