Info Session: Fossil Fuel Promotion in BC Schools

This event has already taken place.

Have you heard about the K-12 curriculum resources developed by Fortis BC and marketed to teachers across BC? Fortis calls its program Energy Leaders, and it presents natural gas as a necessary and harmless energy source, without mentioning any of the negative health or environmental impacts that come from burning fossil fuels. 

This info session is for those who want to learn more, and those who want to be part of the public call to ban fossil fuel corporate sponsorship of the school curriculum. 

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) and Dogwood will provide a quick and informative overview of Energy Leaders, examples of how it amounts to propaganda, misinformation and advertising for Fortis BC, and answer questions from participants. We'll go over strategies parents can take, including:

  • emailing Education Minister Whiteside (see CAPE's open letter to Minister Whiteside as an example)

  • presenting to their school boards on the issue (a presentation is available)

  • requesting their school district to demand a ban on fossil fuel-sponsored curriculum resources in schools

  • writing letters to the editor and using social media to support the campaign

and how For Our Kids can support parents in these and other actions.

Register below for a link to this online session.

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