We need to speed up the transition to electric school buses

Ruth, our Electric School Bus Campaign lead, recently made the case for speeding up the transition to electric school buses in the National Observer. Here is some of what she wrote:



Numerous studies link diesel exposure to negative health impacts. According to Health Canada, diesel exhaust exposure is linked to an increased risk of lung cancer, heart problems, respiratory illness, asthma, and more.

A recent study showed that even short-term exposure can interfere with brain function. In April, the Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment (CPCHE) and partners including For Our Kids called on the government to speed up the transition to electric school buses.

"Buses operate in close proximity to schools, meaning that all schoolchildren, not only the kids riding the buses, can be exposed and affected by diesel exhaust,” says Dr. Erica Phipps, executive director of CPCHE.

There are also compelling climate reasons. As a whole, road transportation accounts for 21 per cent of Canada’s GHG emissions. School buses are a small fraction of this but because they’re publicly funded and travel predictable routes, they are one of the easiest sectors to electrify.


Check out the full op-ed here: