For Our Kids North Shore - Tree Preservation and Re-Wilding event

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For Our Kids North Shore is excited to hear from Laura Marie Neubert, Certified Permaculture Designer, and Bruce Langereis, President of Delta Land Development, to speak of their experience with urban trees during the development process.   There are many ways to explore this issue which is made more challenging in our growing and developing North Shore.  Laura will speak about preserving trees on-site and “re-wilding” areas needing landscaping because of construction activities.   She has worked with Bruce on this concept, beginning to re-wild the construction footprint of Delta Group’s off-grid SoLo home near Whistler, BC.

Please join us for this talk on

Wednesday, September 7th at 7:30pm

About Laura Marie Neubert:

Laura Marie Neubert is a Certified Permaculture Designer, who has studied at UBC and Cornell, and in fields, forests and farms close to and far from home.  Her urban permaculture articles and videos can be found at UpFront and Beautiful Permaculture Design.  She also writes a bi-weekly 'Garden to Table' urban column in the North Shore News and other publications.

Laura’s philosophy:

I came to understand that my five-decade long love affair with nature was telling me to stay put in the neighborhood and fight softly, by example, and demonstrate ways in which we can live sustainably and in harmony with nature beautifully, outside and inside our own urban and suburban homes.  I could see clearly that, we could maintain or increase our property value without devastating it, and also critically, that we shouldn’t expect rural permaculture methodologies and materials to win friends and influence urban neighbours. 

Bruce’s philosophy:

Wellness and environmental stewardship need to be at the heart of everything we do. Developers should begin with an environmental philosophy that focuses on health and well being. By imagining new possibilities in how we build, we shift our collective intelligence in new directions—letting nature be our guide. Think of how a tree, or a lung, is exquisitely designed for oxygen exchange. Think of sunlight, and a leaf’s perfect photosynthesis. Nature’s elaborate systems, so elegantly simple in operation, must be our cue in everything we design going forward.  We choose to use materials and products that are harvested and manufactured in environmentally and socially responsible ways. We believe that the choices we make around the products and materials used in buildings should acknowledge the full consequences of their creation and use.