Presenting to the City of Burnaby Environment Committee in support of Sue Big Oil.

March 5, 2024.

For Our Kids Burnaby continues to support the Sue Big Oil campaign! On February 21st, they presented to the City of Burnaby Environment Committee as the City Council considers participating in a proposed class action lawsuit against fossil fuel companies.

Kate McMahon from For Our Kids Burnaby was among the speakers who presented in favour of the Sue Big Oil campaign.

“As a parent, I am concerned about the health and safety of our community and the effects the climate crisis is having on our kids now and in the future,” she said at the meeting.

“But as a taxpayer, I’m also concerned about how the city is planning to adapt to our changing climate." She said that the Sue Big Oil campaign is an opportunity for municipalities “to make major polluters pay for their fair share of climate costs". 

Kate explained that, “the Sue Big Oil class action will immediately put pressure on these companies to take responsibility for their actions and ultimately provide communities like ours with resources needed to help pay for these mounting costs.”

For Our Kids Burnaby's newly-formed kids climate club got involved as well! The club organized a letter writing event a few weeks before the presentation, explaining to councillors why the Sue Big Oil campaign is important. All of their letters were presented to the Burnaby Environment Committee.

On May 13th 2024, the Burnaby City Council voted 8-1 in favour of joining the Sue Big Oil campaign, making it the 6th and largest city to join the campaign. The letters from all the kids and parents were recognized in the council's decision. A few days later Port Moody also joined the campaign.


The motion to support the Sue Big Oil campaign was put forward by Councillor Maia Santiago. It asked that the City reserve for the lawsuit the equivalent of $1 per resident, and that Burnaby pursue the class action lawsuit if other BC municipalities join and raise at least $500,000. If the lawsuit went ahead, any money awarded to Burnaby would be used to repair damage caused by climate change within the municipality. 

The Environment Committee passed the motion unanimously. It will now go to the City Council for approval and will be voted on this month. Keep an eye out for updates!

Want to know more about the Sue Big Oil campaign and how you can help?

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