Shaw Centre

Fix Finance for Our Future! A Rally for Climate-Aligned Finance

This event has already taken place.

Join us in Ottawa on November 1 to tell policy makers we support climate-aligned financial policy! We need to bring banks, pensions and insurers in line with our climate commitments now and support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

On Nov 1-2, high-level policy makers, including Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Mark Carney, Rosa Galvez and Ryan Turnbull are participating in the Sustainable Finance Forum at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa to talk about the future of sustainable finance, including how to mobilize financial institutions to reach net-zero.  

We want to greet them as they arrive on Wednesday November 1 between 8-9 am to show them we support the Climate-Aligned Finance Act and strong regulation of our financial system to align with climate targets.

What's happening? A friendly rally with signs, banners and a petition for attendees to sign in support of financial regulation

Where and when? Outside the main entrance of the Shaw Centre, November 1 at 8 am

Who should attend? People in Ottawa who care about climate justice! We'd love to see families, youth and kids to represent why we must invest in a green and just future. We'll provide signs and lead the chants -- we just need you to show up. If you're interested in being part of the organizing group, email [email protected]. We're working with Climate Legacy, Seniors for Climate Action Now, Fridays for Future Ottawa,  Grand(m)others Act to Save the Planet and Decolonial Solidarity Ottawa.  

Why climate-aligned finance? Implementing climate-aligned financial policy would rein in fossil fuel investment by big banks, pensions and insurance companies and make sure our financial system is in line with our climate targets. This is urgent and necessary, because right now, Canada's biggest banks are all among the top fossil fuel funders in the world, with RBC holding the #1 spot.

Strong legislation would also force banks and pensions to consider Indigenous rights and respect free, prior and informed consent when making investment decisions.

After a summer of terrifying climate impacts, we know we need to make urgent changes now to ensure a safe future for everyone. Shifting investment toward climate solutions and away from oil and gas is an essential first step toward a zero-carbon economy! 

What's the goal? We want our government to see that Canadians are counting on them to act fast and implement strong climate-aligned financial policy! We want to show support for bills that are in progress, like the Climate-Aligned Finance Act in Senate and M-84 introduced in the House of Commons. We also want to give them a BIG list of signatures from people across the country to show there is widespread support for financial regulation. 

More questions? Get in touch with Gabrielle at [email protected]

Hope to see you there!