Eco-Elders for Climate Action (Calgary)

Gathering elder voices to advocate for meaningful action by our governments to ensure a carbon-neutral future for all generations.

Contact: [email protected]

We are Calgary based, Alberta focused elders, including grandparents, great aunts and uncles, who care about the future of all children and a sustainable planet for all life. We are concerned about the slow pace of collective, concerted action on the climate crisis, and see ourselves as having an important voice in the discourse, and an active role in addressing the climate crisis, individually and collectively.

As Eco-elders our Purpose is to:

  1. Engage, hold the conversation, help inform, and increase awareness among our contemporaries; and where possible garner interest, energy and enthusiasm into action.
  2. Enable individuals and groups of elders to develop a sense of agency over what we can do, moving from complacency or despair to empowerment and action.
  3. Define key strategies, and an annual Eco-Elder climate crisis action plan.

We would love your voice to join ours. Contact [email protected]