Minister Fleming - Please Electrify All Of BC's School Bus Fleet!

Dear Minister Fleming:

I am in full support of transitioning BC's school bus fleet to electric by 2030.

Thank you for committing to buy 15 electric school buses, but given new buses last many years, we should not be buying any more diesel buses that lock us into more pollution - every new one from this point forward should be electric.

Moreover, we need action to transition the existing diesel buses to electric within 10 years. We are in a climate crisis and we should also not be exposing our kids to any more harmful diesel fumes.

Thank you in advance for acting on this issue.

Yours sincerely,


Will you sign?

Diesel school buses are bad for our kids' health and bad for the climate.

Electric school buses are now on the road - some made in Canada!

BC committed to buy 15 electric school buses this year, but also 86 more dirty diesel buses!

Every new school bus bought in BC from this point forward should be electric, starting today. Let's not make it worse by locking in another decade of pollution.

And, given the climate crisis, we need to transition the existing diesel bus fleet as fast as possible.

The more of us that contact the BC Education Minister to ask him to move quickly on this, the more likely we'll see action! Please consider signing your name and sharing this petition with others.