Day 13: Write to Justin Trudeau: We need a Green Recovery For Our Kids

This was a BIG week for climate action in Canada, with Trudeau’s "bold" new climate action plan. So how do we respond? * Send Trudeau and Freeland a love letter spouting the virtues of their volumptous carbon tax? 
* Challenge them to set more ambitious, legally binding carbon reduction targets with interim targets for 2025?
* Shame them for pumping even more carbon into our atmosphere by subsidizing fossil fuel companies and building the Trans Mountain pipeline?

If you know where you stand, fire off that email! (Dear Justin Trudeau and Christina Freeland) If you’re still formulating your reactions (we are!) share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll work together to draft a letter reacting to this IMPORTANT announcement. 


Looking for ways to get all members of your family involved? 

• Babies and small toddlers can send in their foot and hand prints on a card with your message on the back 

• Toddlers to teens can draw or paint pictures of what a green & just recovery could look like, asking that Canada’s climate action plan honour their vision. 

• Teens can review Trudeau’s announcement, formulate a reaction and write a letter to PM Trudeau and Min. Freeland. Adults can also do this - or send their footprint - no judgement!

Want to read a bit more before you write?

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The bad news: (spoiler alert: we can't build pipelines if we are serious about mitigating climate change) 
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