Climate Event

Hosting a climate-themed event or rally can not only help raise awareness, but it can also serve to recruit other like-minded people to your group.

The type of climate event you organize is totally up to you and is limited only by your team's imagination, but one way to categorize them are:

1) Kid-friendly events. As parents and grandparents, we want to include our kids as much as we can, so can design climate events accordingly. One great idea is a "climate picnic" as pioneered by the Climate Pledge Collective in Toronto (the image to the right is theirs too). You can read their "how to" on that here. The Moms Clean Air Force in the U.S. holds kid-friendly events they call "play-ins."

2) Other events. You may have other goals too, such as diving deeper into climate issues or recruiting more adults into your group. So, you may also host other kinds of events such as a climate documentary screening with a discussion, which is a nice entry point for many newcomers to the issue. Be sure to get permission to screen the documentary, and be sure to build in time after to talk about what your team is doing and to invite others to join.

For any kind of event, promotion is key:

  • Give yourself enough lead time.
  • Contact local media.
  • Work the social networks of your team members.
  • Put up posters.
  • Post on social media.