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An MP’s primary responsibility is to represent their constituents.

They WANT to hear from you.

They WANT to know what direction to steer us in.

WE have to tell them. 

Letters and emails have an impact, but a conversation with your MP is the most impactful at all. 

Consider this anecdote from one of our members: 

At a workshop for community members about how to lobby the government on issues important to them, one Member of Parliament was asked, "how many people coming to your office would it take to get you to pay attention to an issue?"

"Two," he replied. 


If we can get enough people to make appointments with their MPs to meet virtually or to have a conversation over the phone we could have a big impact on whether or not a Climate Accountability Act becomes part of the government's plan for a Just and Green Recovery. 

We have no time to lose. Will you take action and tell your MP that Canada needs a new Climate Accountability Act?


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🤳📱Not feeling up to meeting with your MP but still want to participate? Call or email them instead! Here is a simple script you can use.

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