BC Election 2020 Candidate Meetings

For Our Kids Vancouver members are meeting with candidates in the BC Election to find out more about their climate plans, demand strong action be taken to mitigate climate change to create a more sustainable, equitable, and just world for our kids.

Melanie Mark- Candidate for Vancouver- Mount Pleasant in the BC Election 2020
We met with Melanie Mark, incumbent and candidate for the Vancouver- Mount Pleasant riding, and had a constructive discussion about what we, as constituents, can do to help her and other MLA’s champion this issue of climate change in the Legislature.  Our discussions reminded us that there are many issues of concern to politicians including affordable housing. As we have outlined in our brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance and Thank You card, an important  component of climate justice is ensuring everyone's basic needs are met. We will continue to advocate for this with whoever becomes the next government. Thank you Melanie Mark, we appreciate you taking the time to meet with us.

October 19th at Crab Park

Dr Devyani Singh- Candidate for Vancouver- Point Grey in the BC Election 2020
We met with Dr Devyani Singh, a candidate in Vancouver- Point Grey riding, to discuss our key election issue, the climate crisis. We thank Dr Singh for the informative discussion about some of BC’s potential climate solutions including renewable energy options, how we can support oil and gas workers in a just transition and ways to diversify our economy. Importantly, we learned that stopping fossil fuel subsidies and protecting old growth forest are  low priority with government when it comes to tackling climate change. As parents and grandparents with strong concerns about climate change and our kids' future, Dr Singh confirmed one of the most important things we can do for climate action is to meet with politicians and continue to raise our concerns with them. Let’s keep telling them what we need them to do to create a safe and healthy future for our kids!

Dr Devyani Singh Climate Meeting
October 16th on Zoom

David Eby- Candidate for Vancouver- Point Grey in the BC Election 2020
We met with David Eby, Candidate for Vancouver-Point Grey riding, to exercise our commitment to hold our elected representatives accountable for climate action. We appreciate that he took the time to consider our questions about old growth forest protection, fossil fuel subsidies, and the need for transparency about climate change information. As expressed by Mr. Eby, it is important to remind our political representatives about the urgency of the climate crisis. Contact your local candidates today and remind them about the need to prioritize global warming as a human health crisis.

David Eby Climate Meeting
October 14th 2020 on Zoom

Niki Sharma- Candidate for Vancouver- Hastings in the BC Election 2020
Yesterday a group of For Our Kids Vancouver members, constituents and others, met with NDP candidate Niki Sharma to discuss the urgency of the climate crisis, our concerns about the continued development of fossil fuel projects in BC, particularly LNG, and how we can work on transitioning local economies, jobs, and our provincial economy away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy.  Thank you Niki Sharma for taking the time to meet with us.

Niki Sharma NDP Candidate meeting
October 12th 2020 at McSpadden Park


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