Banks and Indigenous People

Did you know? By divesting from fossil banks we follow in the footsteps of Indigenous peoples. Indigenous parents and grandparents have been putting their bodies on the line to protect the Land, the Waters, the Air, all of Creation. For their own families, and all children seven generations into the future. It’s time for the rest of us to join them.

If you want to show solidarity with the Indigenous peoples who have been impacted by banks and fossil fuel industries here are some things you can do:
A. Watch this video about a divestment action taken by Indigenous activists and their allies:

B. Speak to your bank about the horrific (some say genocidal) effects of tar sands extraction on Indigenous peoples and the territories that sustain them. You can add the following to your letter to your branch:
“As one of your customers and as a parent, I’m deeply concerned about your bank’s massive lending to fossil fuels at a time when we need to be rapidly phasing them out. I’m also concerned that your bank funds projects for which free, prior and informed consent of Indigenous peoples has not been obtained, violating the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.”

C. Read this powerful and detailed statement by Indigenous activists from across Turtle Island:

D. Forward this letter to your branch and identify a piece from the letter that spoke to you.
For more about our January action of the month to hold banks accountable visit