Babies for Climate Action - Vancouver


Started in Kitsilano, this group is for those in Vancouver with little ones who want to work together towards a healthy earth and hopeful future for our little ones. This group started up following the lead of the Babies for Climate Action group (in New Westminster)!

We welcome all parents and little ones who want to join with us. We are a family group, with a focus on creating baby/toddler/pre-school friendly climate action initiatives close to home. In addition to little-one friendly activism, we participate in: promoting clothing and toy swaps, sharing plans to help try curb our consumption, and joining together for eco-friendly social and community building events.

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Past Events

Hallowe'en inspired parents' social on collaboration with West Side Family Place to reflect on how this important time of year was celebrated in the past and how it gets celebrated around the world, with artist and storyteller Naomi Steinberg