August Action of the Month - Thank A Champion!

Fighting for a green and just world for our kids is hard work.

People doing it often face pushback, so they need to know we've got their backs!

A simple act of encouragement can lift a person's spirits and give them the fuel to keep going. And we don't do it enough!

So our August action of the month during the summer lull is to reach out to someone you consider to be a champion and to give them your thanks.


The person might be a family member, friend, community member, or elected official. You could send them a quick note, a card (made by your kids?), a picture of you holding a sign, a quick video, or even bake them some cookies!

AND, please let us know so that we can amplify - we'd love to tell their story to inspire others. So drop us a line by email at hello [at] forourkids [dot] ca or tag us on Facebook.

Thank a champion! We need more of them, so let's give them encouragement.



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