Our Children's Future Is Worth Investing In - Art Installation



A climate emergency was declared 18 months ago and we have been waiting to see the changes.

For the future of our children and grandchildren, we need to see bold and immediate action.

The 2021 Budget needs to reflect that we are in a state of emergency due to climate, COVID and homelessness. These emergencies are related, and we can no longer put one crisis aside while we work on another; homelessness will not “wait”, nor will climate change.

On Tuesday November 17th, coinciding with the City's Standing Committee on the Environment, parents installed a temporary art display and read our open letter to the city.

We need you to amplify the voices and concerns for our children. Here is how you can be involved:

📸 Take a photo of your cutout or the park display and send it to your councillor and Mayor Watson. "We need you to be our leaders. We need bold and immediate climate action for the future of all children." Tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so we can amplify the message

🌱You can also “plant” your silhouette on your front lawn or get a group of parents to make your own pop-up art at your local park (save emissions and make our message more visible).

✍️ Sign and share our open letter to the city.  (Feeling inspired? Use our letter to draft your own personal email to your councillor and Mayor Watson to make a greater impact)

 The city budget will be voted/approved on December 9th, we need to make sure it is one that protects the future of our children.

Wants some tag lines?

Our children’s lives are worth investing in. Call on city council to fund bold and immediate climate action.

Our children need clean air and a cool planet not wider highways. Prioritize budget 2021 for our kids.

This pandemic has revealed the importance of green space. Protect our tree canopy. Protect our climate. Protect our kids future. Budget 2021

Urban sprawl is the oil sands of Ontario. We need walkable communities and a transit system that is affordable and assessable to everyone.

Divest from fossil fuel infrastructure and investments. The city has both a moral and financial responsibility.

Our children will inherit our poor decisions. Make better ones: invest in climate action and divest from fossil fuels. Be the leader in Ontario