Anti-Racism Training

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Session Two

How Racism Shows Up In Your Teams

Friday, November 17, 2023

10 am PT / 11 am MT/ 12 noon CT/ 1 pm ET/ 2 pm AT - (1.5 hour session) 

This training series, developed and presented by Moms Against Racism, resulted from numerous requests from For Our Kids' teams for more support and training on integrating anti-racist values and practices into their community organizing, including how to build more inclusive and diverse teams.

Sessions are open for all local team members and individual parents in the For Our Kids network. Participants are asked to attend all three trainings. Being part of a cohort of learners will help us support each other in applying what we learn across our teams and network in real time.    

If you missed session 1, "Systemic Racism in Canada: The History Parents Need to Know", a recording will be provided when you register. Please make time to watch it before Session Two.  

Session Two: How Racism Shows Up In Your Teams

This 90-minute training continues to build upon the previous session and reviews the covert ways racism happens in work-like settings. This session is a mix of theory and application giving attendees more tools for identifying, interrupting, and addressing racism that happens on their teams or within their workplace. Main learning objectives are:
  1. Review concepts like tokenism, microaggressions, and emotional labour
  2. Learn how to be an Upstander
  3. Review what to do when we have caused harm

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Session Three: Using Your Power and Privilege to Dismantle Racism

Saturday, January 20

10am PT /11am MT/ 12pm CT / 1 pm ET / 2pm AT (2 hours)

About the Session Presenter

Kerry Cavers is a community builder and founder of Moms Against Racism. For Our Kids members who have attended "How to Raise an Anti-Racist Child" have experienced Kerry's thoughtful, purposeful, and caring leadership through sometimes difficult examinations of the biases and racism that is ingrained in our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

We are deeply grateful to Kerry for her dedication to providing this more in-depth training series for FOK members. 

The mission of Moms Against Racism is to educate individuals in anti-racism, cultural competence, and decolonization so they have the tools and support to dismantle racism within themselves, their families, and their communities. 

What we heard from members who attended previous workshops with Kerry:

"I found it infinitely valuable and inspiring. Kerry is an amazing speaker." 

"I have much more confidence now on how to continue my anti-racist journey."