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Climate Leadership and Local Elections

Solutions can be simple and are all around us, but we must press for leadership on behalf of our kids. That's why engaging in the upcoming local elections is so important, as is voting for climate.

Local governments have a big part to play in reducing GHG emissions and preparing for the existing impacts, and we need to know our next council is committed to taking real action to address the existential threat of global warming.

Our Climate Election Survey has been sent to all local candidates. We'll be sharing the responses here, so stay tuned and check in to see how candidates are responding. And watch for more FOK Vancouver community activities in your neighbourhood where we will gather at community spaces to talk climate and take action.

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For Our Kids Vancouver

We are a group of parents located in Vancouver, British Columbia that are deeply concerned about the impacts of climate warming on our children's quality of life. We are committed to work together to take action to address the crisis.  Please get in touch if you'd like to get involved.


Parent playground meet-up for climate: Nov. 5th

Parent voices unite for climate

Check out this op-ed published Nov. 1 in the National Observer, featuring Jana MacDonald from the FOK Vancouver team!

Climate Leadership and Local Elections

Local governments have a big part to play in reducing GHG emissions and preparing for the existing impacts, and we need to know our next council is committed to taking real action to address the existential threat of global warming. Check out the election survey we've sent to all candidates, and the responses we're receiving.   

Submission to Federal Government's Oil and Gas Emissions Reduction Consultation

As parents and grandparents, we strongly urge the government to heed the calls of the scientific
and international communities to commence the immediate wind down of the fossil fuel industry
and commence a Just Transition for all workers, with a focus on clean, renewable energy,
biodiversity, and food security, alongside social justice, equality, Indigenous rights and poverty
alleviation. It is possible to make this transition and imperative that it begin immediately.

Read the full text of our co-submission with For Our Kids Sunshine Coast. 

CAPE BC’s Healthy Climate Solutions Fair

Thanks to all of you who visited us at the Fair! We are so grateful to have connected with so many climate-concerned parents and their kids! We learned so much from you!

And we know that by engaging in discussions on climate, we are already having an impact. We learned that research reveals that just talking about climate breaks down personal barriers to taking action. While many people are individually suffering from climate despair, sharing concerns with friends, family and neighbors has shown to increase acting on the crisis. 

Our discussions at the fair were focused on our streets - public space currently designed to prioritize cars. Urban planning is a key driver not only of local, but global consumption rates and key to consumption reduction. As cars enable us to consume more, government and businesses also increase their consumption. So we know that changing the way we design our cities can have direct and significant impacts on emissions.  

Federal 2022 Pre-budget Consultation Submission- For Our Kids Vancouver and For Our Kids Sunshine Coast have jointly submitted a brief to the federal governments 2022 pre-budget consultations and have made a series of recommendations that will hold our government to their promise of building a clean and healthy future for our kids.

TALK: Why Real Climate Action Means Defunding the Police- Mother of three, BIPOC activist, journalist, and a social justice warrior, Molly Murphy joined us on February 10th to discuss her frontline experience with RCMP violence on unceded Indigenous lands in Pacheedaht, Dididaht and Wet’suwet’en territories.  She shared her research into the secretive arm of BC's RCMP called "Community-Industry Response Group (C-IRG)" with the mandate to protect government and corporate interests in resource extraction and energy projects through violent enforcement of court injunctions and criminalization of land defenders. 

BC Natural Gas Royalties Review joint submission from For Our Kids Vancouver, For Our Kids Sunshine Coast and Parents 4 Climate Victoria.  Through an independent assessment of the province's royalty scheme, we learned billions have gone to fossil fuel companies with little return to the province. Basically - BC's royalty scheme is a huge subsidy. Now, Minister of Energy Bruce Ralston is proposing to replace this system with one that seeks to spur economic development in natural gas, obtain a fair return and ignore climate.

Let's Talk Climate - A discussion on climate with with Vancouver Quadra Candidates Hon. Joyce Murray (Liberal) and Dr. Devyani Singh (Green) in the lead up to the 2021 Federal Election on Sunday September 5th at 11am.

Climate Emergency Action Plan - We raised our voices in support of the City of Vancouver's progressive Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) and it was approved by Council in November.  

BC Election Candidate Meetings on Climate - Meeting with candidates during an election is one way we are raising our climate concerns with all parties in this election.

BC Election Candidates Survey - Find out where your local candidates stand on climate issues.

Climate Strike 2020- Showing support for our youth by amplifying their demands in a public.

Thank You Card from The Future
In September we created a Thank You card written from the future, from 2050, thanking Members of Parliament for taking bold action on climate change in 2020 with a Green & Just Recovery Plan.  With simple infographics, the card outlines the necessary pathways to building a safe and healthy climate for our kids.  

Standing Committee on Finance Brief
In August we submitted a brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance's 2021 pre-budget consultations which was informed by recommendations gathered at the For Our Kids Green & Just Recovery Town Halls held in Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Surrey. The town halls were attended by both the federal and provincial Ministers of Environment and Climate Change- Jonathan Wilkinson MP and George Heyman MLA.

Green & Just Recovery Town Hall
At our Green & Just Recovery Town Hall we discussed ways to reimagine our communities and our economy in an effort to combat climate change as we recovery from the pandemic.  Our discussion included all levels of government with Tsleil-Waututh Chief Leah George-Wilson, BC Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy George Heyman, federal Member of Parliament Jenny Kwan, and Vancouver City Councillor Christine Boyle, moderated by Andrea Reimer and Sustainabiliteens.

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BC Election 2020 Candidate Meetings

For Our Kids Vancouver members are meeting with candidates in the BC Election to find out more about their climate plans, demand strong action be taken to mitigate climate change to create a more sustainable, equitable, and just world for our kids.

Melanie Mark- Candidate for Vancouver- Mount Pleasant in the BC Election 2020
We met with Melanie Mark, incumbent and candidate for the Vancouver- Mount Pleasant riding, and had a constructive discussion about what we, as constituents, can do to help her and other MLA’s champion this issue of climate change in the Legislature.  Our discussions reminded us that there are many issues of concern to politicians including affordable housing. As we have outlined in our brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance and Thank You card, an important  component of climate justice is ensuring everyone's basic needs are met. We will continue to advocate for this with whoever becomes the next government. Thank you Melanie Mark, we appreciate you taking the time to meet with us.

October 19th at Crab Park

Dr Devyani Singh- Candidate for Vancouver- Point Grey in the BC Election 2020
We met with Dr Devyani Singh, a candidate in Vancouver- Point Grey riding, to discuss our key election issue, the climate crisis. We thank Dr Singh for the informative discussion about some of BC’s potential climate solutions including renewable energy options, how we can support oil and gas workers in a just transition and ways to diversify our economy. Importantly, we learned that stopping fossil fuel subsidies and protecting old growth forest are  low priority with government when it comes to tackling climate change. As parents and grandparents with strong concerns about climate change and our kids' future, Dr Singh confirmed one of the most important things we can do for climate action is to meet with politicians and continue to raise our concerns with them. Let’s keep telling them what we need them to do to create a safe and healthy future for our kids!

Dr Devyani Singh Climate Meeting
October 16th on Zoom

David Eby- Candidate for Vancouver- Point Grey in the BC Election 2020
We met with David Eby, Candidate for Vancouver-Point Grey riding, to exercise our commitment to hold our elected representatives accountable for climate action. We appreciate that he took the time to consider our questions about old growth forest protection, fossil fuel subsidies, and the need for transparency about climate change information. As expressed by Mr. Eby, it is important to remind our political representatives about the urgency of the climate crisis. Contact your local candidates today and remind them about the need to prioritize global warming as a human health crisis.

David Eby Climate Meeting
October 14th 2020 on Zoom

Niki Sharma- Candidate for Vancouver- Hastings in the BC Election 2020
Yesterday a group of For Our Kids Vancouver members, constituents and others, met with NDP candidate Niki Sharma to discuss the urgency of the climate crisis, our concerns about the continued development of fossil fuel projects in BC, particularly LNG, and how we can work on transitioning local economies, jobs, and our provincial economy away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy.  Thank you Niki Sharma for taking the time to meet with us.

Niki Sharma NDP Candidate meeting
October 12th 2020 at McSpadden Park


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