Transform Your Kids' School

Schools are where our kids learn, make friends, and begin to find a sense of themselves. What gets taught and whether schools operate sustainably are issues that can benefit from parent action - it's a relatively easier forum to get some movement than with bigger governments or companies.

Some examples: 

More ideas were shared at an idea-generating session For Our Kids teams hosted in July - you can watch the recording here: 

If your local team or group of friends wants to get involved improving your kids' schools, here are some ideas to get you going:

  1. Do some initial research. It's good to start by finding out where things are at. Has your school or school board already had a conversation about what you are interested in? Surf the relevant websites and talk to relevant people to find out. Most school staff and elected trustees are very approachable - remember it's their job to talk to you!
  2. Build alliances. Your school will have a parent involvement or advisory committee, and maybe a student environment club. Reach out to see what they are interested in and whether you want to join together on something.
  3. Ask for something specific. Crystalize your conversation into something specific so that you don't just keep having a general conversation. Do you want to ask for a school board resolution, or some particular change? Figure out what that is and who to ask. Bring your alliances to bear to support you.
  4. Tell the story. Always report out what you've been up to and what happened. When you have success, this will inspire others. If you hit a barrier, talking about it may help overcome it or to hold the right people accountable. Think about using social media or local media to tell the story.

We're here to support you! Drop us a line with your thoughts, comments, or questions - we'd love to help and to hear what you are up to. Contact [email protected]


Some resources:

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