Training 2: Launch Party!

You’re ready to host your first meeting/party! This is the ‘find some friends’ part of our simple process.

Creating a party atmosphere ain't easy, but we encourage you to try. As serious as this work is, there needs to be room for some fun!

Setting up the Launch Party or First Meeting:

  • Pick a date and time that works well for you. Choose a date about a month in advance so you have time to plan and promote. If you already have a few people interested and you need to find a common time for meetings, here are some free scheduling websites When2Meet or Doodle.

  • Make an outreach plan (see below), to help people find out about Launch Party. 

  • A FOK Organizer will set you up an RSVP page on our website and provide access to our paid Zoom account


Outreach Plan:

Successful launch parties typically have 3-10 people in attendance. The goal is to find at least 2-3 other people to form a team with. Here are some ideas on how to find some collaborators:

  • Start with who you know: Friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances at a community you're involved in. Think about who you think might be concerned about the climate crisis. Write a list! You can start with some 1:1 conversations or invite them to the first meeting.
  • Local parenting forums: Facebook groups, email lists or neighbourhood chats. Share the RSVP there with a personal invitation so they get to know you!

  • Promotion help from For Our Kids: We can spread the word using contacts in our database and via our existing For Our Kids teams.

  • Here's an example outreach plan, in the form of a spreadsheet. Feel free to use it, or to make your plan in your own way such as simply writing it down in your notebook. 

  • Here's an example invitation text you could use in an email or on social media 

Tip: Don't expect everyone who RSVPs to show up. On average, usually about half will make it. What's most important is finding at least a couple of other motivated collaborators to start with. Your group will grow over time and with inspiring actions that others will want to join. Small, committed teams can also do amazing things. You don't need a huge group to affect change.


Make an agenda:

Once outreach for your launch party is underway, it’s time to plan the event. Here are suggested steps:

  • Prepare an agenda. See the example agenda here.

  • Tips for preparing, hosting and facilitating online meetings here
  • Prepare to share an overview to For Our Kids. You could use this For Our Kids Launch Party Slideshow TEMPLATE and make it your own. Feel free to add slides, change slides, and cut slides out as you see fit and add in info specific to the team you're creating. Or use this 5-min Welcome Video from the For Our Kids network.  

  • Prepare to facilitate a conversation. Whether it's you or somebody else chosen for the task, there should be a facilitator to guide the conversation, to make sure people are able to participate equally, and to keep things on time. 


Dress rehearsal (the week before your Launch, with FOK Organizer)

It’s time to make sure you’re ready to Launch! Here’s the plan:


Launch Party preparation checklist:

  • Computer is ready to go, with adequate wifi (2.5 Mbps minimum download speed is recommended: you can test your internet speed here - click ‘run speed test’)

  • Zoom link for the Launch Meeting (have it handy in case you need to send it to anyone at the last minute)

  • Login info (you can have the above “How to run a Zoom meeting” document open or know how to find it)

  • Have a copy of your agenda
  • Have your slideshow ready to go

  • Have some way to take a few notes (make a note of who attends the meeting - you will want to follow up with them later). 

  • Take a deep breath! You’re going to do great. Have fun!

Training 3: Building the Team


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