Training 2: Launch Party!

You’re ready to host your first meeting/party! This is the ‘find some friends’ part of our simple process.

Before COVID, we encouraged people to throw a little party in their home or a cafe, to connect to other interested parents in your community who might want to help you form a team. For now, everything is happening online, but we still invite you to bring a bit of a party atmosphere - as serious as this work is, it’s got to be fun for us all to keep showing up!

Setting up the Launch Party:

  • Pick a date and time

    • (No time will work for everyone, so make sure it’s a time that works well for you.)

    • Pick a date about a month in the future so you have time to plan and promote

  • Make an outreach plan (see below), to get people to the launch event. 

  • Create a public Facebook page for your team (optional!). 

  • Create a Facebook event for the Launch from your new Facebook Page, linking to the RSVP page for your Launch

  • (FOK Organizer will set up RSVP page for Launch)

  • (FOK Organizer will set up Zoom event. Link will be sent automatically by email after participants RSVP)

  • (FOK organizer will send out reminders to the FOK supporters in your area)

Making an Outreach Plan for your Launch:

Successful launch parties typically have 5-15 people in attendance. If 10 people say that they will come, you can expect five of them to show up. So if you want 10 to come, you need 20 to RSVP.

We have provided an example outreach plan, in the form of a spreadsheet. Feel free to use it, or to make your plan in your own way such as simply writing it down in your notebook. Here are some key tasks to include in your plan:

  • Reach out to your friends and family if you think they could be interested in climate action. Email, text, or call them to personally invite them. Word of mouth is effective!

  • Post the Facebook event to local Facebook groups (mom/dad groups, neighbourhood groups, etc)

  • Post to event listings and calendars (such as community websites or newspapers) 

  • Send reminders the day before and/or the day of. People are busy and generally need and appreciate reminders.

  • Email local organizations who might support this initiative and ask them to send it out to their contacts. Think of people with big lists (your MLA, maybe?) who might be willing to support this by emailing their contacts. Write an invitation email that can copy-and-pasted, and that people can easily send on to their contacts. Here’s an example invitation email.

Your to-do list:

  • Create your outreach plan

  • Create Facebook Page for your team

  • Create Facebook Event from that Page that links to RSVP page link for Launch Party

FOK Organizer will:

  • Send you RSVP page link for Launch Party

Training Part 2 Materials:

More info:

Launch Party Planning

Outreach for your launch party is underway; now it’s time to plan the event. Here are the steps:

  • Set the agenda. See the example agenda here.

  • Prepare your presentation. Start with the For Our Kids Launch Meeting Slideshow TEMPLATE, and make it your own. Feel free to add slides, change slides, and cut slides out as you see fit. 

  • Prepare to facilitate a conversation. Whether it's you or somebody else chosen for the task, there should be a facilitator to guide the conversation, to make sure people are able to participate equally, and to keep things on time. 

Follow up soon. Within a few days of the session you should follow up with participants to ask them how they felt it went and how involved they would like to be. 


Icebreaker ideas:

  • A check-in. “How is everybody doing?” Many of us don’t get a lot of opportunities to take a minute to answer that question.

  • Show and tell. Ask everyone to take *a minute* to grab a nearby object and tell you how it fits into their life.

  • I spy. Take turns spotting something on someone’s screen (“I spy with my little eye… a picture of a bird”), and having others try to find it.

  • Three deep breaths. Ask everyone to join you in relaxing shoulders and taking three deep breaths together. It’s another thing we probably don’t get enough of.

  • Share a self-care tip. (Everyone shares one)

  • Demonstrate a hidden talent (touching your nose with your tongue? Raising an eyebrow?)

  • Name game. What is the meaning/origin of your first or last name?

  • More ideas from here. Do you have other good ones you’d like to share with other team leaders? Post them to the team leaders Facebook group, or to Slack.


Your to-do list:

  • Write agenda for your Launch Party (stick as closely as you like to the example above)

  • Create your slideshow from the slideshow template 

  • Continue to do outreach, following your outreach plan

FOK Organizer will:

  • Send Launch Party invitation (“e-blast”) to FOK supporters in your area


For Our Kids Team Leaders

Dress rehearsal for the Launch Party

It’s time to make sure you’re ready to Launch! Here’s the plan:

  • Practice hosting the Zoom call

  • Run through the slideshow

  • Meeting preparation checklist

  • Check on # of RSVPs so far (with FOK Organizer’s help)

How to run a Zoom meeting: This guide has everything you need to know. Now, we’ll logout of Zoom so that you can log back in and start your actual Launch Meeting, to practice (it’s OK to start and stop a Zoom call scheduled for the future).

  • Log into Zoom using the login info in the link above

  • Find your scheduled launch meeting, and click “start”

  • Click “participants” and admit the FOK organizer into the meeting

  • Under “participants, hover over your own name, click “More” and then “rename” to change the username from “For Our Kids” to your own name

  • Open your slideshow, and click “Share screen” and do a run-through

  • Practice starting breakout rooms

Meeting preparation checklist:

  • Computer is ready to go, with adequate wifi (2.5 Mbps minimum download speed is recommended: you can test your internet speed here - click ‘run speed test’)

  • Zoom link for the Launch Meeting (have it handy in case you need to send it to anyone at the last minute)

  • Login info (you can have the above “How to run a Zoom meeting” document open or know how to find it

  • Have your slideshow ready to go

  • Have some way to take a few notes (make a note of who attends the meeting)

  • Take a deep breath! You’re going to do great. Have fun!

Your to-do list:

  • Complete tasks on your outreach plan; send out reminders

  • Prepare for your meeting

  • Familiarize yourself with Actions of the Month

FOK Organizer will:

  • Send email reminder to FOK supporters in your area

  • Send text message reminder to supporters in your area


  • If you have any questions, or need more details on any of these steps, please reach out at [email protected]