Team Projects


What your community team decides to do together is up to you. Whatever you decide, let us know so we can support you and help amplify your stories.

Remember that although climate change can feel overwhelming, it's not your job to take it all on - just take on your piece and help inspire others to take on theirs. Then it starts to add up.

The best kinds of projects are time bound (you know when it's over), visible, and something your team members can reasonably pull off - even if that means recruiting others.

Here are some project ideas to consider: 


1) Support local youth climate organizing

2) Make your school district a climate champion

3) Put solar panels on your kids' school

4) Host a climate-themed event or rally

5) Work with your city council to take more action

6) Visit your elected officials as parents

7) Host a tree planting

8) Other ideas? Brainstorm in your group.


In each case, be sure to tell your story in the local media and on social media. Let us know what you are up to so we can help amplify. Then, rinse and repeat!