Come to our first sustainable schools meeting!

Do you want to see better climate education or get rid of plastic waste in your kid's school cafeteria? Want safer walking routes, and electric school buses? Or are you still waiting for your district to come up with a solid climate action plan?

School actions can be big or small, focused on district level initiative or concrete actions at your child's school that make daily learning more earth friendly.

Many parents tell us they want to make a difference in their schools, but find it hard to connect with others in their school community.

Then we realized - we don't all need to be in the same place to support each other! Our new schools group is bringing together parents to share ideas, stories of success and failure, to inspire and support.

In this first meeting we'll chat about what school actions people are most interested in, how to figure out who the decision makers are, and what types of projects have the greatest chance of success.

As always with For Our Kids, no obligation, no expectations. And feel free to munch on snacks, cook dinner, or breastfeed a kid while zooming - with these cross country events, someone always needs food :)

Hope to see you there, Ruth


May 25, 2023 at 4:00pm - 5pm Pacific Time (US & Canada)


Ruth Kamnitzer ·

Will you come?