Reflection on a year of action and learning

Banking For Our Kids campaign lead Gabrielle reflects on the impact parents made during the first year of the campaign.

As we head into some much-needed time with family and friends this summer, I’m reflecting on all the amazing work that parents across the network have done as part of the Banking For Our Kids campaign this year. 

Since we started this campaign last fall, parents from all over the country have stepped up to take action, learn together and build their skills. It’s been an inspiring few months, and I’m looking forward to building on this foundation over the coming year. 

Here are some of the highlights of the first chapter of the banking campaign!

Taking Action:

In September, we told Canada’s bank regulator to implement strong Climate Risk Guidelines for Canadian banks

In October, we called out the appointment of RBC CEO Dave McKay to the Order of Ontario, with hundreds of people sending a letter to the Attorney General of Ontario!

In March, we supported Move Your Money Day, with the Toronto team leafleting at an RBC branch to let customers know that RBC’s the #1 fossil fuel funder in the world.

In April, we participated in the national Fossil Fools Day of Action, joining hundreds of people across the country to call out RBC for funding projects that violate Indigenous rights and keep us locked into a fossil fuel economy. I also had the opportunity to support Indigenous and frontline groups to confront RBC at their AGM in Saskatoon, and demand they take responsibility for funding projects without consent that endanger ways of life and delicate ecosystems. RBC was not respectful to the land defenders who attended -- you can still sign on to a letter here demanding they apologize for policing and excluding the Indigenous delegation. 

In May, we submitted an open letter to Senators demanding they move forward the Climate-Aligned Finance Act, an exciting bill to bring Canada’s financial system in line with our Paris Agreement climate targets. This week, they finally did! We’ll be following closely to see what happens next. 

Raising our voices:

We talked to parents about how and why they’re taking action to pressure banks in this inspiring video.

FOK Victoria founder Kathryn Molloy published a piece about how adults need to step up and take action against fossil finance, as climate change causes a youth mental health crisis

Parents shared their reasons (check out slides 3-5!) for supporting the Climate-Aligned Finance Act and a financial system in line with climate science and commitments.

Learning Together:

Over 300 network members also showed up to learn about banks and climate change this year, joining info sessions on everything from sustainable personal finance to regulating our financial system. Check out the sessions here. 

So what’s next?

The Banking For Our Kids campaign is just getting started!

In the coming months, we’re hoping to take action against banks’ “greenwashing,” push for stronger financial regulation, and get community groups and institutions in our lives to start divesting from the big banks.

You don’t have to know anything about banking or finance to participate in the campaign! Reach out to [email protected] and sign up for updates here if you want to get more involved.

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