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Living in Montreal, organizing for climate justice. Opinions tweeted here are mine.

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For Our Kids Yellowknife

For Our Kids Yellowknife is a new team just starting out. If you'd like to get involved, email: [email protected]

And join the network here: Join For Our Kids

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A Mom reflects on latest IPCC report

My daughter and I were at the beach today. She was so joyful and curious and sweet but I couldn’t shake the latest report from The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

I’ve been writing a lot about climate change over the last few years as I’ve gone through the undulating emotional journey of trying to understand it and be part of making things better.

So here I am again, with a few thoughts about the report released a couple of weeks ago. 

Yes, the news is grim. Yes, the task to rapidly decarbonize is immense. And it is so important to not let the size of the task paralyze us. It is so important to make space for anger and grief while refusing to give in to climate doom.

Take action with others. We need to feel the responsibility of this moment, have courage, and rise to the challenge.

Volunteer with a climate organization, join a climate campaign that inspires you, or get creative and bring climate action to the networks you already occupy - your workplace, your school, your friend group, your faith community, your neighbourhood, any community you are part of. We can do so much if our actions are grounded in connection and belonging.

If you’re a parent, grandparent, guardian or caregiver and you want to connect with a family friendly network, join For Our Kids here.

If you're eager to get started, email us and we'll connect you to a local team near you or provide some simply family actions: [email protected]

This world is so beautiful, children are so beautiful. There is so much we can save. These can be the years of repair and we all must bring our gifts to the table.

Jinhwa Hwong-Ambrose is a Mom, climate activist and a team member with For Our Kids.

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Hello! My name’s Natalie and I live in Montreal and am a Mama to a four year old. I also worked for Greenpeace Canada in Toronto for 10 years as a mobilizer, volunteer coordinator, trainer, campaigner, project manager. I have been thinking about starting a network for parents/caregivers for the climate and then I saw For our Kids! Thank you! I also live in the Prime Minister’s riding and have been thinking of doing some creative actions leading up to the election. I’ve been having some online meetings with anglophone Moms in Montreal and we are starting re-convene for September activities. I wondered if anyone from For Our Kids could have a call with me? I’d love to hear how I could support the growth of For Our Kids and see how or if any activities we do could be linked. Thank you!

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