Monthly Action Suggestions

We'd like your suggestions for our action of the month - something the For Our Kids community can do together to advance our mission of a green, just, and equitable world. Your suggestion should be something you yourself will participate in if it happens. Here's the criteria for a monthly action:

- It should concern systemic change (so not focusing on individual lifestyle change)

- It should be something relevant to anyone across the country

- It should be something that lends itself both to an action by an individual and an action by a group of people

- It should have both a low-barrier action (easy and quick to take) as well as options for bigger commitments

- Bonus points for actions that people find attractive in some way (fun, and/or timely in the moment)

- Collaborations with other organizations may also be desirable


Here's an example:

Canada's big banks are major financiers of fossil fuel expansion, with most Canadians holding accounts in these banks which can be found in almost every community. A monthly action on this front could include:

- A petition on the For Our Kids website to the bank CEOs (quick low barrier action)

- An option for an individual to go further and contact her/his local bank manager directly

- An option for an individual to go even further and move his/her bank account to a credit union

- An option for a local group to stage a "celebration of clean money" outside a local bank branch (with something visual like soap and brushes) and invite the media


You can make a suggestion using this form below, or else just email it to hello [at] forourkids [dot] ca. Each month we'll meet with our group leaders to discuss ideas and select the one for the next month that appeals to the most people.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.