Parents, grandparents and guardians are powered by love for our kids and grandkids. We would do anything to create a healthy, equitable, liveable world for them and for future generations. 

But the impacts of climate change, environmental and social injustice are big and daunting, leaving many of us to wonder what we can actually do.

That's where For Our Kids can help. We're a network of support for those who want to connect and turn our love into action. By organizing that action and amplifying our voices, we'll make an impact and inspire even more parents to get involved.  

How to start?

  • Make sure you're connected: Join the For Our Kids network.
  • Watch our Welcome Video and come to our next Welcome Call.
  • Challenge hopelessness by taking action. Check out our current actions, generated by our teams and members or suggest an action for the network here!
  • Join a For Our Kids team near you, or help start a local team. Often all it takes is one conversation to open the door to building a strong local team making a significant impact.  You may be surprised to know that your friends, family, work colleagues, and neighbours are just as concerned as you are about the world their kids are growing up in.
  • Tell YOUR story: submit your photo and motivations in our Meet the Member series

By acting together and sharing our stories we can make a better world for our kids.