Local Groups


There is always room for individuals to take action on their own. But we're stronger together, and you may be surprised to know that your friends, family, work colleagues, and neighbours are just as concerned as you are about the world their children are growing up in. 

Often all it takes is one conversation to open the door to building a strong local team making a significant impact. 

Here are local groups that are already formed and active. If you see one in your area, join them!

Are you part of a group or organization that already involves parents/grandparents in creating a just and livable society? We welcome groups from all areas and especially seek insight and collaboration with communities who have been undervalued and discounted, even though they are disproportionately experiencing the impact of climate change and systemic racism. Please connect with us at hello[at]forourkids[dot]ca.

Want to bring parents/grandparents together in your community? You can do it, and that's what we're here for. We'll support you with one-on-one and team coaching and resources - and you'll access the collective wisdom and insight of other For Our Kids groups through regular online discussions and a dedicated FB group. Read on to learn more! 

Need more inspiration? Here is one group's story.