Support lobby for a national school food program for Canada

Great background information is provided here: 1. Quick action: sign the template letter on The Coalition for Health School Food's site, which will be sent to local MP, Trudeau, Freeland and Morneau. The letter calls on federal government to put in place a dedicated School Food Fund as a stimulus measure for economic recovery from COVID-19 and advance a needed National School Food Program, as promised in Budget 2019. 2. Option: find out what is happening in your province/territory (on the same site) and sign up as a member. 3. Option: there are postcards to print out and send in - OR, have FOK-designed postcards for kids to print off, colour, and send in. They could feature facts about Canada; i.e. Canada is the only G7 country (may need to explain that) without a national school food program, and is ranked 37th out of 41 countries in terms of providing healthy food for kids. 4. Option: Share info and facts with networks/host a discussion with parents from your school community Pluses: background work and information is done; can collaborate with Coalition for Health School Food (which has many collaborators) and with Food Secure Canada, as well as healthcare organizations; a commitment was made by federal government in the 2019 budget, and we could push for it not to be overlooked in 2021 budget because of COVID - it could be seen as a means to recovery, rather than an expense, for example. Fun idea (this is from the coalition's website, so can't claim it as our own) set up and run a virtual Great Big Crunch:

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