Take a Politician Outside

To protect nature, you've got to enjoy nature. It's true for all of us, whether adults, children, or even elected representatives. That's why this month, we're inviting our representatives to get outside with us parents, grandparents, and kids, and spend a little time in nature. It could be a walk in a local park, a physically-distanced photo shoot by a favourite tree, or even a yoga session, with instruction provided by our partner, Modo Yoga. Getting outside with a politician is a just a good way to connect to nature, it's healthy, and it also provides an opportunity to build a connection with our local reps: plan to ask a few questions about how their government is addressing climate change. -sign the pledge to get outside with your kids or grandkids this month -send a photo of you and your kids or grandkids in a favourite nature spot -invite a local elected official to join you and your group for an outdoor activity, like the ones described above.

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