Question Fossil Fuel Influence

In the quest to transition rapidly from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources to create a more liveable future for our kids, parents often run into a powerful counter-lobby from the fossil fuel industry. Oil, gas, and coal companies have huge resources and they have built influential relationships across all political, economic and social sectors. 

One of the places you might not expect to see that influence is in the education system. In fact, fossil fuel companies are heavily involved in teacher education programs at universities across the country, have long been contributing curriculum material for use by educators, and sponsor innumerable projects and programs through schools.

On one hand, the influx of resources is valuable for educators and school districts facing financial restrictions. Digging more deeply, however, this gives fossil fuel companies a huge opportunity to promote their products and an ongoing reliance on fossil fuel energy, particularly to the next generation. And that part of the relationship isn't always clear.

The lack of transparency and the opportunity to influence what students learn about the role fossil fuels play in climate change are the focus behind this campaign. We want to raise awareness of how deeply involved fossil fuel companies are in every level of education across the country, and we're here to support parents taking this on!

Interested in finding out more about fossil fuel industry influence at your kids' school?

  • Let us know what it would take for you to bring this to your school or school board.
  • Be inspired and encouraged by this example of parents in BC questioning education material prepared and distributed by Fortis BC.
  • Learn more - watch the recording below of Do You Smell Gas?, an information session hosted by FOK and CAPE

Interested in fossil fuel industry influence outside the education system?

  • Municipalities around the world are starting to ban fossil-fuel ads. This video, hosted by the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative, walks through the process and how communities can take this on.
  • Canada is the world leader so far in the number of municipalities supporting a global Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty, and For Our Kids teams have been instrumental in getting that support. But there's much more that can be done. If your municipality has not yet supported the FFNPT, get in touch with us for more information. 

You can always contact us with questions, comments, or ideas: [email protected]