Cards For The Climate!

It's holiday season, a time for sending cards to friends and family - and to politicians asking for more action on the climate crisis!

This activity is inspired by the local group Pour Nos Enfants / For Our Kids Montréal who partnered with Amnesty International's group there to put on a card drawing/writing party.

Like them, you could do this in a social setting with friends (maybe with food and holiday cheer!), or you could do this with your family at home.

What you'll need:

  1. Some kids and grown ups, food/drinks, and a place to gather
  2. Some blank cards to draw or paint on (maybe re-purpose old ones?), envelopes, and some crayons or basic art supplies
  3. Some messages for the Prime Minister, cabinet members, Members of Parliament, or other politicians or companies

You don't even need a stamp if you send your cards to any Member of Parliament (which includes the Prime Minister or cabinet members) - just address it to her/him at: House of Commons, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6.

BONUS: Take pictures of your activity and/or your cards before you send them and post to social media. Send pics to us and we'll amplify - you can email them to or tag us on Facebook at @ForOurKidsCanada

Here are some of the messages kids from Montreal sent to Justin Trudeau:

Dear Justin,
Thank you for taking climate change seriously. My little brother is 3 and I want him to be safe. I am 6.
From Alexandre

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,
My mommy says you can solve climate change but that I need to tell you to do it.
From Emma, age 7

Dear Justin,
I’m scared humans are going extinct. Please fix the climate.
From Edward, age 10

Dear Justin Trudeau,
All I want for Christmas is a future. Please stop climate change.
From Maria, age 14

Deer Justn,
I wantto ride in a elctric trane to Toronto. Not a gaz car.
Lucas, 6 years old


Or, feel free to add your own messages about green jobs, a climate emergency response plan, respecting indigenous rights, and more!