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For Our Kids Vancouver and For Our Kids Sunshine Coast have jointly submitted a brief to the federal governments 2022 pre-budget consultations and have made a series of recommendations.  We encourage you to download a copy and email it to your MP with your own personal message stating why you feel it is important that the federal budget puts the climate crisis as a top priority.  Furthermore, we encourage our members to initiate meetings with MP's to discuss the budget recommendations below.  If you're interested or if this is your first time reaching out to an MP and you would like assistance, we are here to support you.  Please get in touch and we can help you with planning as well as connect you with other members in your riding who could attend the meeting, [email protected]


Submitted by For Our Kids Vancouver & For Our Kids Sunshine Coast
February 25, 2022

1. Prioritize the urgency of the climate crisis by dedicating Canada’s share of the additional 2% of annual global GDP to climate mitigation actions. 

2. Eliminate all forms of subsidies for and investments into fossil fuels and fossil fuel infrastructure.  

3. Stop reliance on fossil fuel revenues as part of the transition to the low carbon economy and instead increase taxes of corporations and the wealthy.

4. Wind-down Canada’s oil and gas industry and invest in the retraining and transition of workers into the economy of the future in a manner that fosters human and labour rights.

5. Invest in clean energy projects and related infrastructure.

6. Invest in public and social services for people. 

7. Develop Canada’s domestic manufacturing capacity. 

8. Provide adequate protection and restoration of intact forests, old growth forests, marine ecosystems and the coast. 

9. Fund the full implementation of UNDRIP and FPIC on all laws. 

10. Build social resiliency by ensuring the well-being and basic needs of all Canadians are met, including food security and affordable housing.  

11. Fund the establishment of just and green transition agencies for each province with joint governance from all levels of governments, indigenous people, youth, scientists, academics, business, labour and environmental organizations, non-profit service providers and leaders of racialized and marginalized all at the table.

12. Invest in mass public electric transit systems across Canada and displace preference for domestic jet plane travel.

13. Invest in widespread retrofit programs to retrofit all existing buildings and homes in Canada for energy efficiency and to transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

14. Empower municipalities with the financial capacity to build sustainable communities and invest in regional and land use planning processes.

Who We Are - For Our Kids Vancouver and For Our Kids Sunshine Coast 

We are two local chapters of the national For Our Kids network located in Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia. 

We are parents united by our fears of the severity of the climate crisis and the effects it will have on the quality of life for our children.  We are committed to take action to find solutions for a sustainable future for all young people. 

Why Our Recommendations Matter

i. Parents’ Call for Post Pandemic Green and Just Recovery

In advance of the 2021 post-pandemic budget, parents, grandparents and caregivers across the country joined forces with other organizations and civil society for a widespread call for a Green and Just Recovery. In the face of the Covid-19 crisis, which shutdown the global economy, the international community and Canadians saw the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fundamentally shift the economy to flatten the GHG curve now and quickly. In an effort to support this critical call to address the climate crisis that threatens the health, safety, security of our children and all younger generations, we joined others in our network to host virtual town hall meetings in the spring of 2020 with federal, provincial, local and Indigenous governments. The Honourable Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada, Jonathan Wilkinson in one such Town Hall stated:

"If we don't change the current course of climate change and the global loss of biodiversity, the effects are going to be far more devastating than what we have seen from COVID-19." - Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson (North Van Town Hall)

Our recommendations here are based on the number of policy options solicited through direct engagement with town hall government representatives as described in our August 7, 2020 Pre-2021 Budget Submissions. 

ii. UN Warns Countries Could Miss Opportunity for Green and Just Recovery

In March 2021, a report published by the United Nations Environment Program and Oxford's Economic Recovery Project, warned that policymakers were missing out on the "greatest chance we have had so far" to redirect the upward trajectory of global greenhouse gas emissions to meet Paris 2030 commitments.

According to the International Energy Agency, achieving a net-zero carbon economy would require us to spend just 2% of annual global GDP over what we already do on our energy system. In a recent poll of climate economists conducted by Reuters, most agreed that getting to net zero would cost only 2% to 3% of annual global GDP. These numbers echo the assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which in its landmark 2018 report stated that in order to limit climate change to 1.5°C, annual investments in clean energy needed to increase to around 3% of global GDP.   

iii. Canada’s April 2021 Budget Falls Short of Necessary Transformative Change

In April 2021, the Canadian government finally released its post-pandemic Budget, Budget 2021: A Recovery Plan for Jobs, Growth, and Resilience. While positive in providing some funding for a green economy, experts concluded the budget fell “short of transformative change needed to meet climate targets”.

Accordingly, we became concerned about a firm commitment by the government to a green and just recovery from the pandemic. 

iv. IPCC 2021 Report - A Code Red for Humanity

Our concerns were further deepened when the liberal government called a federal election a few short months after the IPCC’s 2021 Report that according to UN Secretary General, António Guterres, was a Code Red for Humanity that sounded the Death Knell for Fossil Fuels

v. COP26 Falls Short in Delivering on Paris Agreement

We were deeply concerned whether a government elected just weeks before COP26 would be prepared to meet the last opportunity to ensure the global community is on the right path to its 2030 targets. We called on the new government to change course on the climate crisis at COP26 with a special message:

Artwork by For Our Kids Vancouver member Jana Rayne MacDonald.

While some positive steps were made at COP26, the world failed to agree to commitments that would keep us at 1.5-2 degrees of warming committed in the Paris Agreement. This outcome is terrifying for us as parents. 

vi. Climate Crisis Arrives in BC with Lethal Blow

In 2021, our children here in BC suffered the most lethal series of climate catastrophes: heat domes that killed over 600 people; devastating floods that killed over 700,000 livestock, and relentless wildfires that burned over 8,600 square kilometers and torched the whole town of Lytton. We cannot allow this to continue. 

vii. 2021 Throne Speech Calls for Budget Committed to Climate Action For Our Kids 

In its November 2021 Throne Speech, the newly elected liberal government committed to: Building a resilient economy: a cleaner & healthier future for our kids. While a laudable goal, the 2021 Throne Speech continues to cause us concern that not enough investment will be made in climate action. This is because the focus of the Throne Speech appears to be on greening our economy, when it is the very notion of prioritizing the economy that is causing climate collapse. The government must put our children first today and prioritize the health, safety and security of people just like we learned was necessary during the pandemic. 

viii. Our Wish is For Our Children to Inherit a World Without Crisis 

Our children now face yet another crisis: the global insecurity caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. A swift conclusion to the war is necessary not only for global security and humanitarian reasons but also for reasons of climate. Research has concluded climate change will only increase global armed conflicts. Further, Canada must resist any temptation to profit from the violence through increased oil and gas production encouraged by provinces driven by their own fossil fuel ambitions. Rather, Canada should be a world leader in transforming the global energy supply to renewables to bring about long-term peace. Canadians have been through so much over the last few years of the Covid crisis. We as parents and grandparents have learned so much about coming together, acting collectively, and putting human health before economic values. Only by putting the climate first, can we truly “build a cleaner and healthier future for our kids”.



published BC royalty review 2021-12-10 10:51:06 -0800

BC Natural Gas Royalty Review Submission

December 10th 2021
To: BC Natural Gas Royalty Review

Who We Are - Climate-Concerned Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers

We are parents, grandparents and caregivers, part of the For Our Kids national network, committed to taking action on climate change as it is the single greatest threat to the health and safety of our children today and into the future. We feel the urgency to support our communities and society immediately shift away from fossil fuels and destructive environmental practices to create a more just and safe climate for our kids.

Knowledge of Natural Gas Industry - Engaged Residents and Voters on Climate Policy 

Our level of knowledge of BC’s natural gas industry is equivalent to our very high concern, as  residents, voters and parents, with the government’s continued support of an expanding natural gas industry in BC. We remain committed to staying informed and knowledgeable about credible and effective climate policy and the impacts of unmitigated climate change.    

Like thousands across BC, we too were very concerned about the oil and gas subsidies during the last provincial election. We raised this issue directly with all candidates in Vancouver ridings through an elections survey found here.

We received an all NDP candidates’ response that committed to address the issue of oil and gas subsidies by “conducting a comprehensive review of all oil and natural gas royalty credits through an environmental lens”. We were pleased to see this at the time although we were skeptical because of the NDP’s position that oil and gas subsidies and expansion is compatible with a credible climate plan, which we understand has been largely discredited by experts. 

Our Reaction to Independent Assessment - Assessment Confirms BC Royalty System is Significant Subsidy 

[BC’s royalty system] has contributed to a significant decline in the Crown’s share of the net economic value from petroleum and natural gas resources over the past 15 years and a transfer of value from the province to industry.” - Independent Assessment Report 

The clearest message we gained from Independent Assessment is that it confirmed BC’s existing royalty framework is a significant and improper fossil fuel subsidy, including as a result of a total of $7.325 billion in credits to oil and gas deep wells and a decline of return from 8% to 2%. Immediate action is necessary to stop these subsidies. We oppose modernizing a royalty framework that just seeks to encourage more development rather than wind-down the oil and gas industry in BC.  

Our Reaction to the Discussion Paper - A Fair Return to our Children is to Keep Oil and Gas in the Ground 

The consensus across the board is that fossil fuel production must wind-down today to keep global warming at potentially manageable levels: 

“[IPCC 2021] report must sound a death knell for coal and fossil fuels, before they destroy our planet… Countries should also end all new fossil fuel exploration and production, and shift fossil fuel subsidies into renewable energy.” - Antonia Guterres, UN Secretary General (2021)

“There is no need for investment in new fossil fuel supply in our net zero pathway.” International Energy Agency (2021)

"By 2050, we find that nearly 60% of oil and fossil methane gas, and 90% of coal must remain unextracted to keep within a 1.5 °C carbon budget…. Furthermore, we estimate that oil and gas production must decline globally by 3% each year until 2050. This implies that most regions must reach peak production now or during the next decade, rendering many operational and planned fossil fuel projects unviable." - 
Welsby, D., Price, J., Pye, S. et al. Unextractable fossil fuels in a 1.5 °C world. Nature 597, 230–234 (2021).

In light of this expert consensus, we are deeply concerned about and oppose the BC NDP’s response to the Independent Assessment set out in the Discussion Paper because it fundamentally seeks to improperly advance the following goals:

1) economic development of the petroleum industry, while a just transition into renewables is necessary and has been called for 

2) a fair return on natural gas resources, while parents and youth have clearly stated no return from petroleum resources is desired because of the harm it causes due to global warming 

3) punts environmental protection to other policy decisions, while oil and gas companies walk away without any accountability for knowingly causing harmful and costly climate change impacts 

Ultimately, to advance a royalty framework on the premise of a fair return on oil and gas resources is wholly flawed and inequitable to our children because it favours an economic return to current governments at the expense of further off-loading the very costly and harmful impacts of fossil fuel production to younger and future generations. This is wrong and unacceptable to us as parents. There is no possible fair return on natural gas resources that could justify the human, social and economic costs of the climate crisis for our children.  

Accordingly, our collective plea these holidays is for Minister Bruce Ralton to bring some much needed cheer to us and our families after years of accumulated climate anxiety, worsened by this year’s deadly and hugely expensive heat waves, devastating fires and floods. This can only be done by immediately raising royalty rates to levels that will deter further investment in natural gas; and implementing measures to seek compensation for past loss of royalties and costs of climate change mitigation, impacts and adaptation.

Last Christmas?, 2020 - By Artist and For Our Kids Vancouver member Jana Rayne MacDonald.

This submission has been made by For Our Kids Vancouver, For Our Kids Sunshine Coast, and Parents 4 Climate Victoria.

Download a PDF version here.


published wetsuweten letter bc 2021-11-30 13:37:26 -0800

For Our Kids BC Letter re Human Rights Violations of Wet'suwet'en and Indigenous Peoples by RCMP for Oil and Gas Development

Call to action at the bottom of the page
November 29, 2021 

Letter Re: Human rights violations of Indigenous peoples by RCMP for oil and gas development

Last week, we watched scenes of the RCMP armed with attack dogs, paramilitary gear and sniper guns pointed at unarmed Indigenous people protecting sacred Wet'suwet'en lands and waters. This was all seemingly authorized by a Court injunction obtained by a corporation - Coastal Gaslink, a subsidiary of TransCanada Energy and funded by financial institutions, including Canada’s major banks.  

Horrified, we parents and grandparents are left to explain this blatant disregard for human rights and injustice to our children - children, who also heard in the last week, of a child orphaned and families displaced by extreme weather - all to add to their already high climate-anxiety. This too against the backdrop of their learning that Canada is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Indigenous children taken from their parents to residential schools.  

For the last two years of the pandemic, we have watched you, our political leaders, repeatedly tell us to look after each other and to be kind to one another. We have watched you pour billions of government funds into protecting people at the expense of corporate interests. As you shut down the economy for the sake of health and safety, we were led to believe that people mattered more than money. 

The hypocrisy of these actions is infuriating and deeply distressing as we watch Indigenous peoples and those reporting their stories being held in prison for days to be told, by Coastal GasLink, they are criminals for exercising their Indigenous rights and, ordered by the Court, not to access unceded lands. All of this just to ensure that oil and gas development proceeds for corporate profit while it destroys our planet; a planet that we, as parents, are doing everything in our power to protect for the health, safety and security of our children. 

The legitimization and militarization of corporate power in this country has now become crystal clear and it is terrifying. The attempted silencing of reporters is Orwellian. The distortion of our government’s priorities is unnerving. 

As we come to the despairing realization that our children’s future is ripe with the crisis of climate meltdown - all caused by corporate greed - we parents staunchly stand firm by the following principles that we demand you respect:

  • police force is never an acceptable manner to resolve legitimate disputes 

  • Canada’s colonial legal system cannot be relied upon if it authorizes injustices against Indigenous peoples and people of colour 

  • no one should be criminalized for standing up for their inherent basic rights  

  • we all have a responsibility to uphold the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • police are to protect people and their rights, not corporate interests 

With this, we call on you to immediately:

  • suspend Coastal GasLink’s operations until and only if the Free Prior and Informed Consent of all Wet'suwet'en hereditary leaders is granted

  • take concrete actions to dismantle and defund the Community-Industry Response Group arm of the RCMP in keeping with the basic principles of a free and democratic society 

  • legislate the prohibition of resource and oil and gas companies from seeking civil injunctions with respect to Indigenous lands and resources

We look forward to your prompt response and commitment to the demands stated above. We are available to meet with you.  

For Our Kids Vancouver
For Our Kids Sunshine Coast
For Our Kids North Vancouver
For Our Kids Nelson
For Our Grandkids Victoria
Babies for Climate Action, New Westminster
For Our Kids Nanaimo-Ladysmith
Parents 4 Climate Victoria
For Our Kids Cowichan
Surrey For Future
Babies for Climate Action, Vancouver

For Our Kids groups across BC stand in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en and all Indigenous people whose human rights are violated by state, corporate and police action when exercising their inherent and basic human rights. We acknowledge Wet'suwet'en rights, title and pre-existing laws. We admire and express gratitude to all Indigenous peoples for their courage, strength and leadership in speaking against injustice and protecting what matters.

The signatories are For Our Kids and affiliated groups across BC made up of parents, grandparents and caregivers committed to taking climate action to address the climate crisis as the single greatest threat to the health, safety and security of our children. We acknowledge that we live, work and use traditional, ancestral, and unceded Indigenous lands. We are committed to contributing meaningfully to reconciliation and decolonization.  

Hon. John Horgan, Premier of BC and President of the Executive Council, MLA Langford- Juan de Fuca
Hon. Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General and Deputy Premier, MLA Port Coquitlam
Hon. David Eby, QC, Attorney General, MLA Vancouver Point-Grey
Hon. George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, MLA Vancouver- Point Grey
Hon. Adrian Dix, Minister of Health, MLA Vancouver Kingsway
Hon. Murray Rankin, Minister of Indigeous Relations and Reconciliation, MLA Oak Bay- Gordon Head
Bowinn Ma, Minister of State for Infrastructure, MLA North Vancouver- Lonsdale
Hon. Nicholas Simons,  Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, MLA Powell River- Sunshine Coast
Susie Chant, MLA North Vancouver- Seymour
Brittny Anderson, MLA Nelson-Creston
Doug Routley, MLA Nanaimo-North Cowichan
Hon. Jennifer Whiteside, Minister of Education, MLA New Westminster
Grace Lore, MLA Victoria-Beacon Hill
Niki Sharma, MLA Vancouver Hastings
Hon. Melanie Mark, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sports, MLA Vancouver- Mount Pleasant
Brenda Bailey, MLA Vancouver- False Creek
Jagrup Brar, MLA Surrey-Fleetwood
Rachna Singh, MLA Surrey-Green Timbers
Garry Begg, MLA Surrey-Guildford
Hon. Harry Bains, Minister of Labour, MLA Surrey-Newton
Jinny Sims, MLA Surrey-Panorama
Hon. Bruce Ralston, Minister of Energy, Mines, and Low Carbon Innovation, MLA Surrey-Whalley
Stephanie Cadieux, MLA Surrey South
Trevor Halford, MLA Surrey-White Rock
Mike Starchuk, MLA Surrey-Cloverdale
Hon. Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, MLA Victoria - Swan Lake

Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources, MP North Vancouver, BC
Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, MP Laurier-  Sainte-Marie, Quebec
Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, MP Ville-Marie - Le Sud Ouest - Ile-des-Souers, Quebec
Honourable Marco E. L. Mendicino, Minister of Public Safety, MP Eglinton- Lawrence, Ontario
François Poirier, TC Energy President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Tracy Robinson, President Coastal GasLink


Write to your MLA or anyone on the list above to express your personal concern for the actions taken against Wet'suwet'en and Indigenous land defenders by RCMP in the interest of protecting corporate oil and gas development.  You're welcome to attach our letter in your email, you can download a pdf here.  Find email addresses from our list here and find your MLA here.

published old growth deferrals 2021-11-23 20:44:47 -0800

Take Action on Old Growth Now

So far, 2021 has offered up one of the most intense years of the growing climate crisis in BC: A summer of non-stop wildfires that left the entire community of Lytton in ashes and many more being evacuated. Now, we’re experiencing devastating floods and landslides across BC that have killed at least one person, stranded thousands in cars and rural communities with no way in or out in dangerous conditions.  Floods have destined tens of thousands of farm animals in the Fraser Valley to their deaths. There will be continuing and long-term impacts such as food insecurity, dislocation and years of recovery - and those on the front lines of these consecutive disasters are those who are often facing existing barriers to recover from these challenges. 

As many in BC grapple with our new climate reality, First Nations leaders, communities and other experts are continuing to underscore the connection between BC’s logging practices and extractive industries with both worsening the severity and damage of both wildfires and floods. In a November 16th press release by the First Nations Leadership Council, Grand Chief Stewart Philip,  President of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, stated: 

"As extreme weather events ravage across BC, First Nations continue to bear the brunt of climate change impacts and have been forced to flee their homes again. The unprecedented and continuing weather events prove that this is no longer a climate crisis; we are in an ongoing climate emergency, and lives and communities are at imminent risk. This is no time for the province to forge ahead with antiquated fossil fuel projects and logging of old growth forests that will only continue to worsen the absolute environmental catastrophe we are experiencing. The response to climate change must be cross-ministerial and cannot be silo-ed into one ministry- the province must start to actively connect the climate crisis dots.”

The recent BC NDP announcement of new deferrals for old growth logging includes some encouraging pieces, but overall it is being acknowledged that this current action falls far short of what the crisis requires. The time is now to engage with Ministers and MLAs on this important issue.

Artwork by Jana Rayne MacDonald, a member of For Our Kids Vancouver, image inspired by the photography and activism of TJ Watt


We encourage you to take a few minutes to email (or call) Ministers or MLAs to demand the BC government make big changes, and make them now.  Below you will find many different letter writing tools by several organizations, you can use their templates or even better use them as inspiration to write your own email.  We’ve also put together a backgrounder on current BC logging issues, along with recent news and resources.

Contact your MLA to ask questions and share your perspectives.  Find your MLA here by using your postal code or community or constituency name.

Letters- Scripts- Actions 

Ancient Forest Alliance Letter
Tell the BC Government to Commit Funding for Old-Growth Forest Protection

Stand Earth Letter
Tell your MLA to protect old growth immediately

The Wilderness Committee Letter
BC Must Match Old Growth Intention with Action

Sierra Club Letter
Call on the BC government to reform forestry practices

Sierra Club
30 Ways You Can Stand Up For Old Growth Forests Today


Backgrounder - November 2021 BC Government Announces Old-Growth Logging Deferrals

BC Government News Release
November 2, 2021
Government taking action on old-growth deferrals
The Province has announced its intention to work in partnership with First Nations to defer harvest of ancient, rare and priority large stands of old growth within 2.6 million hectares of B.C.’s most at-risk old-growth forests.
Government statement can be read in full here.

Canada Press
November 5, 2021
Indigenous leaders concerned over B.C.'s process for old-growth logging deferrals
The First Nations Leadership Council, which includes the executives of the chiefs union, the B.C. Assembly of First Nations and the First Nations Summit, issued a statement Thursday, saying it was "extremely concerned that old growth remains unprotected today, and that the province has passed responsibility to First Nations without providing financial support for nations to replace any revenues that might be lost if they choose to defer logging old growth in their territory.
Read the full article here

Wilderness Committee
November 2021
Understanding the new BC Old-Growth Announcement - Webinar with Dr. Torrnace Coste
This webinar by Torrance Coste, Campaign Director with the Wilderness Committee, explains the most recent government announcements, and also gives the background and context leading up to the deferral announcements. Access the recording on Youtube

Related News & Analysis

In 2020, For Our Kids North Shore created a really useful resource on old growth, including research reports on old-growth in BC, policy analyses, and links to information on Fairy Creek and more. It’s a great place to get started with your learning on old-growth issues and the provincial policy response in 2020. Access the primer here (Please note a number of the actions outlined in this resource are now outdated, including a federal petition). 

The Energy Mix
November 23rd, 2021
BC Flood Devastation Linked to Logging Practices 'Without Question' Experts Warn
As the long work of rebuilding southern British Columbia begins, forestry professionals and activists are urging the Horgan government to connect the dots between the climate crisis, clearcut logging, and catastrophes like the landslide that killed five people on Highway 99 near Lillooet.
Full article can be read here.

The Narwhal
November 17, 2021
Connecting the dots between B.C.’s floods, landslides and the clearcut logging of old forests
Deforestation dramatically alters how landscapes are able to cope with extreme weather events like the atmospheric river that surged across southern British Columbia earlier this week
Full article can be read here.

First Nations Leadership Council
November 16, 2021 
Press Release: FNLC Calls for a State of Emergency due to Unprecedented Climate Weather Events in BC
Full article can be read here.

The Tyee
November 12, 2021
Analysis: Protecting Some Old Growth Isn’t Enough. BC Needs a Forest Revolution.
Governments have mismanaged the sector for decades. Now communities and First Nations should lead.  Four things the provincial government can do.
By Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, Arnold Bercov, Torrance Coste and Ben Parfitt
Read the full article here.

The Tyee
November 9, 2021
BC Paused a Lot of Old-Growth Logging. Now What?
Forest ‘deferrals’ explained. And what Indigenous, conservationist and union voices say they don’t yet fix.
Read the full article here

The Narwal
November 9th, 2021
How B.C.’s long-awaited forestry law updates leave gaps around protecting old-growth and Indigenous Rights
While environmental advocates are cautiously optimistic about proposed amendments to B.C.'s 2004 Forest Ranges and Practices Act, many worry they lack clarity and don't provide the protections the province's oldest forests need
Read full article here.

Kelowna Now
November 5, 2021
Indigenous leaders concerned over BC's process for old-growth logging deferrals
Read the full article here

The Tyee
November 3, 2021
BC Unveils Plans to Defer Logging of Old-Growth Forests
Green Leader Furstenau calls it ‘an essential and overdue first step.’ And more reaction on the announcement…
Read the full article here

The Narwhal
November 2, 2021
‘Extremely frustrating’: B.C. announces 2.6 million hectares of at-risk old-growth, no permanent protections
The announcement, which comes one full year after B.C.’s expert panel recommended the province introduce immediate deferrals in old forests facing irreversible biodiversity loss, is short on specifics and funding for affected First Nations, critics say…
Read the full article here

Additional Resources

Sierra Club BC
May 2021
New Map of At-Risk Old-Growth Forests in BC is a First Step Towards Solutions
At-risk old-growth still unprotected, as RCMP clears path for logging companies on Vancouver Island
Access article and map here.

The Discourse
November 5, 2021
In maps: Where are the proposed old-growth deferrals for Vancouver Island?
Here's where a panel of experts say old growth forests need urgent protection.
Access the article and map here

SkeenaWild Conservation Trust & Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition - Report Authored by Dr. Jim Pojar
February 2019
Forestry and Carbon in BC
Find the report here

Veridian Ecological Consulting - Report authored by Karen Price, Ph.D., Rachel F. Holt, Ph.D., R.P.Bio and Dave Daust R.P.F., M.Sc.
April 2020
BC’s Old Growth Forest, A Last Stand For Biodiversity 
Find the report here

Sierra Club - Report authored by Dr. Peter Wood
February 2021
Intact Forests, Safe Communities: Reducing community climate risks through forest protection and a paradigm shift in forest management 
Find the report here.



published COP26 letter trudeau 2021-10-26 16:56:24 -0700

COP26 Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

COP26 is just days away. Prime Minister Trudeau, the new Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, the new Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, all MPs, and COP26 delegates need to hear from us. As COP26 discussions become flooded with corporate lobbyists putting personal wealth over the health, safety and security of our children, OUR VOICES MUST BE LOUDER.  Please use this letter as a template to write to our leaders to demand that they truly lead the way towards immediate and meaningful global action on climate change. A template letter is also available as a google doc where you can copy and paste into a new email to edit.


Open Letter from FOR OUR KIDS SUNSHINE COAST to the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

We, parents of For Our Kids Sunshine Coast, demand that you attend COP26 in Glasgow with an ambitious and detailed plan demonstrating how Canada will meet its greenhouse gas emissions targets, stop all public funds and licensing for coal, oil and gas expansion and rapidly move away from burning fossil fuels. We expect you to commit Canada to climate justice by financing our fair share of a clean energy transition and adaptation in lower income countries, as well as supporting the transition globally. May your actions uphold human rights and Indigenous rights above all else; may you listen wholeheartedly to the people, the scientists, the experts, the land and water defenders, not the corporations. We are looking to you to be bold on the world’s stage when it comes to climate commitments and real, immediate climate action. 

Emissions in Canada have risen every year since the earliest Conference of the Parties and since we signed the Paris Agreement in 2015. Canada can and must do so much better. 

For Our Kids Vancouver member Artist Jana Rayne MacDonald has created this image of kids with our message.

In the wake of a summer of extreme heat domes, multiple heat waves and wildfires in Canada that resulted in over 600 human deaths, enormous financial loss, and the death of billions of sea creatures and animals, dealing with the climate crisis is simply a matter of survival. The most recent IPCC report has stated that the earth could face runaway global warming unless drastic efforts are made to eliminate greenhouse gases. The UN secretary-general called the report a "code red for humanity"  he also said "If we combine forces now, we can avert climate catastrophe. But, as today's report makes clear, there is no time for delay and no room for excuses."

The SCIENCE is clear.
The ECONOMICS are clear.
Public SENTIMENT is clear.
The time to act is now. The time to lead is now.

At COP26, we ask that you:

  • Align Canada’s emission targets with the commitments we made in the Paris Accord, secure net zero by 2050, and don’t let 1.5 degrees celsius warming slip out of our reach.
  • Commit to reflect Indigenous and Human Rights in all climate laws, policies and initiatives going forward. 
  • Engage in an inclusive process, particularly through the discussion on Article 6, recognizing that the impacts of climate change will not be distributed equally. 
  • See that developed countries make good on their promise to mobilize at least $100bn in climate finance per year, this must not be delayed.

We, parents, are fierce advocates for our children. They should not have to carry the weight of addressing climate devastation on their shoulders. Children the world over should not be living in fear, suffering from eco-anxiety, and begging for action from political leaders. They rightfully demand a habitable planet. 

Prime Minister Trudeau please be a bold climate leader at COP26.  Address the climate crisis as the existential threat it is. No empty promises without meaningful action and clear accountability. We are asking you to put the needs of future generations ahead of everything else.You, Prime Minister Trudeau, can be the catalyst that mobilizes Canada and other nations at COP26.

Please do this For Our Kids and for humanity.

For Our Kids
Sunshine Coast


For Our Kids National has also made suggestions for other actions you can take in the lead up to and during COP26 here.

published MP letter Just Transition Legislation 2021-10-21 14:48:58 -0700

Let our MP Patrick Weiler know we want him to act for Just Transition Legislation!

Instructions for emailing

Thank you for taking the time to write to West Vancouver - Sea to Sky - Sunshine Coast Member of Parliament, Patrick Weiler regarding your concerns about the federal government’s accountability to the climate crisis and the need to move urgently toward a Just Transition for our country.

This template is to be used as either a direct cut and paste or a starting point for a letter of your own. Please feel free to cut and paste the text below into a new email message, to edit the text and language as appropriate for your perspective and style, and to reflect whether you are writing on behalf of an individual or an organization. 

Once you’re ready, emails to Patrick can be addressed to: [email protected].  
If possible, please cc: For Our Kids Sunshine Coast ([email protected]) and Sunshine Coast Climate Action Network ([email protected]) to help us track all the messages going to Patrick. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jen, Krisdy, and Sally at the For Our Kids email above. You can also find us at: or follow FOK on Facebook: and follow SCCAN on Facebook:

Given the current context - the formation of a new, minority government and the lead up to COP26 - the For our Kids Sunshine Coast team decided to support similar demands for a Just Transition Legislation for Canada as outlined by the Council of Canadians. We will also be delivering a signed petition to Patrick Weiler with the same demands as our letter below.  We will need 25 physical signatures, if you’re interested in signing, please email us at [email protected]

See the full Just Transition campaign here: We reference the Council of Canadians in the email as well.



Email Template 

Dear Patrick Weiler MP, 

Congratulations on your success in reclaiming your seat for our West Vancouver - Sea to Sky - Sunshine Coast riding in the 2021 federal election. I appreciate that you have dedicated your time and expertise to supporting Indigenous land rights in the ongoing fight against the Trans Mountain Pipeline and to improving climate legislation in Canada. It is clear that you understand the issues facing communities across Canada and right here at home in BC as we face the greatest challenge of our times: climate change. As such, I am eager to see you bring big and bold action to address the climate crisis in the coming weeks and months. 

In our riding alone this past year we’ve experienced record-setting drought and a drawn-out water shortage that threatened to turn off the taps (and livelihoods) for local farmers in the region. The unprecedented heat dome resulted in hundreds of human deaths, particularly in our most marginalized communities, and caused billions of sea creatures to perish. Elsewhere in the province, an entire town burned to the ground. This is not business as usual and, while our communities’ galvanized to save farmers' crops and stop wildfires from spreading during these severe events, the problem is simply too big to continue to be mitigated community by community. 

We need to stop working on the margins of this problem and acknowledge - as the IPCC reported this past year - that this is Code Red for the planet and Code Red for humanity. The future of our children, grandchildren and future  generations all hang in the balance.  As such, as your constituent, I call on you and the Prime Minister and the Government of Canada to enact Just Transition Legislation, as laid out by the Council of Canadians as soon as possible. This legislation: 

  • Reduces emissions by at least 60% below 2005 levels by 2030, and makes significant contributions to emissions reductions in countries in the Global South. We expect transparency and accountability on emission reductions on an annual basis.
  • Winds down the fossil fuel industry and related infrastructure, ends fossil fuel subsidies, and transitions to a decarbonized economy.

  • Creates new public economic institutions and expands public ownership of services and utilities across the economy to implement the transition.

  • Upholds UNDRIP and respects Indigenous rights, sovereignty, and knowledge by including them in creating and implementing this legislation.

  • Creates good green jobs and drives inclusive workforce development, led by and including affected workers and communities, and ensures decent, low-carbon work for all workers.

  • Protects and strengthens human rights and worker rights, ensures migrant justice, and emphasizes support for historically marginalized communities.

  • Expands the social safety net through new income supports, decarbonized public housing, and operational funding for affordable and accessible public transit countrywide.

  • Pays for the transition by increasing taxes on the wealthiest and corporations and financing through a public national bank.

A recent study in Nature indicates that in order to meet the Paris Climate target of 1.5 degrees of warming, 60% of the world’s remaining oil and gas reserves must remain in the ground. I am not convinced our federal government is responding adequately to the urgency of the climate crisis, as it continues to subsidize the fossil fuel industry, waters down climate accountability legislation and continues with the building of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. We are not on the right track.

Many parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and caregivers across your riding are facing the reality that we will be raising our children to enter adulthood in a world that is almost unlivable in many parts due to climate change.  It is daunting to think about how we are going to tackle this enormous problem, but I believe that enacting a Just Transition Legislation right now is our best chance for making the changes necessary in our society in order to avoid the most devastating effects of climate change and to build towards a more livable future for generations to come.

I appreciate that you are working hard to address these monumental climate issues and that you are willing to listen to the concerns of your constituents. You can count on my voice and my support when you show up for real climate action in Ottawa. We are all counting on you!

I would appreciate hearing back from you on your process of enacting the Just Transition Legislation.

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For Our Kids Sunshine Coast

For Our Kids Sunshine Coast is a group of parents and grandparents living up and down British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast - from Langdale to Lund. We are part of the national For Our Kids network and we are committed to taking action on climate change as it is the single biggest threat to our world right now and our children’s future.  We feel the urgency to help our communities and society shift away from fossil fuels and destructive environmental practices to create a more just and safe world for our kids.  

We acknowledge that we live on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded Indigenous territories of the shíshálh, sḵwx̱wú7mesh, and Tla’amin First Nations and we are committed to contributing meaningfully to reconciliation and decolonization.

As parents, we understand how hard it can be to make time for activism, but our aim is to make taking action more inclusive and easier for parents.  No action is too small, no action is too big. We are an inclusive group with a national leadership that is founded on principles of anti-oppression and anti-racism.  Follow us on social media or subscribe to our mailing list below to find out ways you can get involved, join one of our organizing meetings, or reach out if you would like to know more.

Climate activism is a necessary skill for all 20th century parents.  It will take nothing less than a massive movement to make the changes needed to turn the tides on climate change… we need all hands on deck!  

SIGN UP HERE or reach us on our email: [email protected]


Federal 2022 Pre-budget Consultation Submission
- For Our Kids Vancouver and For Our Kids Sunshine Coast have jointly submitted a brief to the federal governments 2022 pre-budget consultations and have made a series of recommendations that will hold our government to their promise of building a clean and healthy future for our kids.

BC Natural Gas Royalties Review joint submission from For Our Kids Sunshine Coast, For Our Kids Vancouver, and Parents 4 Climate Victoria.
Through an independent assessment of the province's royalty scheme, we learned billions have gone to fossil fuel companies with little return to the province. Basically - BC's royalty scheme is a huge subsidy. Now, Minister of Energy Bruce Ralston is proposing to replace this system with one that seeks to spur economic development in natural gas, obtain a fair return and ignore climate.

Letter Re: Human rights violations of Indigenous peoples by RCMP for oil and gas development.
 Read our letter is written to MLA's and Ministers in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en land defenders, signed by For Our Kids groups across BC.  You can write your own or attach ours, email list provided.

Take Action on Old Growth! The recent BC NDP announcement of new deferrals for old growth logging includes some encouraging pieces, but overall it is being acknowledged that this current action falls far short of what the crisis requires. The time is now to engage with Ministers and MLAs on this important issue. We have compiled links to many different letter writing tools and templates, as well as background information, analysis and resources on current issues around old growth in BC today.

COP26 Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau. COP26 is just days away. Prime Minister Trudeau, the new Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, all MPs, and COP26 delegates need to hear from us. As COP26 discussions become flooded with corporate lobbyists putting personal wealth over the health, safety and security of our children, OUR VOICES MUST BE LOUDER.  Please use this letter as a template to write to our leaders to demand that they truly lead the way towards immediate and meaningful global action on climate change.

Let our MP Patrick Weiler know we want him to act for Just Transition Legislation!  Use our email template to write to Patrick Weiler to express your concerns about the federal government’s accountability to the climate crisis and the need to move urgently toward a Just Transition for our country.


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